Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stuffy nose n beautiful snow

(I just have some random pics of Nala -- this is when I tried to force her to do her business but it wasn't easy with all the firework around us -- she looked like someone was chasing her -- peeing and walking without stopping! The snow is deeper than this now -- oh glorious white winter!)

Not really in the mood of writing too much because I have gotten stuffy and most likely will get a cold -- but I need to say that the snow is just so beautiful. Today it looks like diamonds falling down all around us. The days have gotten shorter and waking up makes one wonder if it's still night out -- feel bad for my sister who wakes up really early to go to school and by the time she comes out it is dark again. Anyways, Glee has been playing on the TV every day over and over again haha but I am not complaining -- good music reinvented cannot be complained at! :)

(Nala in her bag, her favorite place in the whole world!!!! haha...she needed 2 blankets to stay warm, INDOORS! Poor thing has been sneezing all night and day, she has a stuffy nose as well -- this picture is at our New Years celebration -- all white around her mouth, getting older haha)

I hope all of you are doing good out there in the world and until later


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