Sunday, January 17, 2010

My inspiration

I know I have been bad at updating but I have not been too motivated for much lately. Last night I send out an application to what I thought was New York University School of Law, BUT what actually was New York Law School. I noticed this AFTER I paid 77 dollars!! Feels wonderful -- NOT!!! Some days I just want to give up and look for other options but nothing gets me as excited as the thought of attending Law School -- ugh

To keep my mood up as I have tried to remain at home I have watched and laughed my butt off to Mr. Fluffy -- aka Gabriel Iglesias. Lord knows I LOVE stand up comedy, or any comedy for that matter! I also started watching The Vampire Diaries and so far it is ok, not mind blowing haha. The gorgeous Ian Somerhalder plays a bad boy/vampire (Damon Salvatore) and is simply wonderful as the antagonist in the show. I am still waiting for it to get better and juicer muahahaa

Another movie that has rocked my very foundation is The Blind Side. I love Sandra Bullock, amazing actress and hilarious (loved her acceptance speech on the People's Choice Awards). In this movie she represents EVERYTHING I stand for and as I believe. I told S. I was watching it and she said: "You are gonna love it because it is a typical Amanda movie!!!!" I am so in love with it and cannot wait to buy the DVD! If you have not seen it yet, I recommend you check it out ASAP!!! I give it 5/5 R's!!

Well, waiting for S. to call I am gonna find something to eat, even though it is around 2 am and food is stricktly forbidden!! I shall eat and dwell on the fact that J. insisted I go out and find me a man! His words: "Should not be hard for a woman like yourself! You are gorgeous, smart, and with a personality no man in his right mind would say no to!! Lower your standards just a tad and he will appear"
Ok, why is it that everyone around need me to find someone? I am not desperate nor am I frantically searching for someone -- when he comes I will know but until then I am not in a hurry -- just something I needed to get off my chest..well, until later darlings


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