Sunday, January 10, 2010

My dress!!

I am not a fan of Stephanie Pratt one bit but the dress she is sporting, is the same dress my mum bought for me -- I am wearing it to one of the 5 weddings that are planned for spring and summer -- so far haha. I have to lose a couple of pounds but I am happy it looks better on me than her, due to the fact that I do not look like I have an eating disorder ehem -- Am I the only one who thinks she looked so much better with a little meat on her body? Her legs look aweful!! Ugh -- Stephanie, if you are reading this I just wanna say, "Sweetie, go to one of the many delicious restaurants in LA and just enjoy one meal after the other. Gain some of that beauty back! Just an honest opinion -- kisses and hugs doll" :P

Ok, after venting (my whole purpose was to show you my new dress and not vent about half the Pratt possie on The Hills) I hope you like the dress!

Until later fashion lovahs


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