Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mind process

I find myself wishing for more snow each day and today my wish came true. It is crazy snow outside!! Me and S. were planning on heading downtown today but when she called I was like uhm, yea, no, walking down today does not seem like the best idea we have thought of! I have to get some stuff for her birthday, which is tomorrow, but we are going out on Saturday!! How fun! Although she doesn't deserve it hahah (YES, I WILL HOLD IT AGAINST YOU THAT YOU CALLED WHEN MY BIRTHDAY WAS ALMOST OVER, UNTIL MY NEXT BIRTHDAY!! You will get a chance to redeem yourself -- Worst reason ever: "I was sleeping that is why I call now" You could have text b4 you went to bed, duuuhhh, it would have been the BEGINNING of my birthday!) Anyways, she gets to hear that every time she mentions her own birthday hahahah -- just trying to make a point clear! You never forget a friends birthday with a lame excuse as "I was sleeping" NEVER!!

I know what to get her but getting it will be harder, I need to go downtown for that to happen. Interesting how that will be solved, such a problem *dramatic sigh*

Well, first step is getting dressed and ready, second finish the things I have on my To Do list, and final is wait.

Until later season lovers


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