Friday, January 1, 2010


HAPPY NEW YEAR my beloved readers!!!!! We have now started a new decade, on my behalf it began with my family -- We enjoyed the best New Years Eve lunch/dinner and it was great! We got ready and headed out to our relatives to dance in the New Year. It started snowing and so our land looked whiter than ever. On our way to the hall we passed a beautiful deer who stood by the edge of the highway, it just looked at the passing cars with snow on top of its head :)

For the first time, in a long time, I saw fireworks again and it was mesmerizing!!! I have had all kinds of New Year celebrations and spending it with the family is the best feeling. On our way back home, around 4 am, we had a flat tire and in the snow my brother and father struggled to change a tire on our OOOOOOLD car. It just took them like -- 1 hour haha...but we started the new decade with an adventure :) I hope this year will be blessed with sooo much more than 2009, a year that caused too much heartache! Today is the first day of many more days to come so make the best out of it my sweethearts! I might head back to the hall today or just sit at home, watch TV, and enjoy all the yummy things on our table!! Until later my sweet friends..a new year and a new mind
(My fathers leg haha, shows how he is just chilling on our crappy and old ass sofas..time for a change perhaps?)

(Chips, baklava, fruit, and so much more)

(From the top you get Nala's head in the picture as well -- a wonder she didn't charge the table with all the amazing scents hihi)

(Believe it or not, this is a mini-orange haha -- it was so cute but oh so sour!! Not for me, I prefer looking at it haha)


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  1. Happy New Year babe! I miss you soo much! I love keeping up with your blog. Keep on going, don't stop writing! I love you!!!!!