Monday, January 4, 2010


On Saturday I saw Avatar 3D with my sister, S. and her brother D. It was AWESOME!!!!! To find tickets was so effing hard because it is sold out almost everywhere, everyday! But it was worth the wait! I thought I would flinch/jump more, but it was beautiful -- what I loved most about the movie was, hands down, the marvelous colors -- cannot be beat. I read that James Cameron has stated that if the movies makes enough money and is a hit there will be a sequal, and to say the least, I am excited to see the sequal. I would totally not mind to play a part in this movie, to be a Na'vi -- so cool haha! But I do not have the contacts so nevermind but a girl can dream!

Speaking of entertainment, I have discovered my fascination for the British car show, Top Gear. The three geezers are hilarious and learning more about cars is never a negative thing haha. I have been watching it for the past couple of days nonstop. I have loved the show for years now, but it has become an addicting show hahaha...well, I should get something to eat and try to take Nala out in this horrific weather. There is snow all over and ice under so it is crazy -- just read that ice is surrounding Sweden so we will see what will happen following days when it will get colder -- exciting...ehem...

Until later my darlings


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