Monday, January 25, 2010

Clearing up one step at a time!

I finally got a job! I went on my interview with My Academy and they hired me on the spot as a private tutor. I know it is not hard to get a job like that but as there are no jobs out there for me to grab I needed to start somewhere and this is a job that will be rewarding in many ways. I am super busy with my work with UNICEF and now I will have something else to do on the side! Feels GREAT!!! I feel like I am getting back on track! I just have to remember to send in the form to the police so that the firm can see that I have no criminal records haha -- needed when working with kids! I got a letter from CSN (where we get our student loans) and they want their money baack!! Before I got the job, my excuse would be: "I have no income", but now my excuse will be: "I am still going to school"! However, I am hoping to get good news from a friend about abroad internship which could make a huge difference in my life -- and I am also extremely nervous about my Law School applications. I dread the day they will give me the answer, either not accepted or ACCEPTED!!! I pray for the latter, oh please please please!!!

Well, I better start my show now before it gets too late and I sleep at 5 am and wake up at 2 pm, not good at all! Time for SUPERNATURAL!!! Yes, the Winchester brothers are back in action!! Love me some Dean and Sam crazy work :)

Until later all you beautiful people out there!


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