Sunday, January 24, 2010


(Lend a hand)

Yesterday was an amazing day!!! I started the day in a grumpy mood, I took the wrong exit out of the subway which lead to me half-assed running up and down icy roads, reaching my team about 10 minutes too late. After many apologies we started gearing up and I send my little "chicks" out on town to raise as much money as possible for the people in Haiti. Even though the majority of the volunteers on my team are older than I am, they still make me feel like the hen mother! I was super proud when they returned with money-boxes filled to the top. I stood out in the cold for about 4 hours and let me tell you, I seriously thought I had frostbite on fingers, toes, and legs! My sister and S. were there and everyone were in a great mood. We had people ignoring us, saying flat out NO when asked if they could donate a small amount, people yelling at us claiming we do not declare our finances (which we do). BUT some were very positive, cheering us on, saying how proud they are that we stand outside for so long doing something good. The good comments definitely won over the morons with no lives!! Funny thing, when people shouted out we steal all the money, they would not even stop and let us defend ourselves -- we just heard the words as they were passing us. If you have something to say then be a grown up and say what you have to say to my face!
Anyways, best part were when children came up and said that they just got their allowance and gave it to us, all of it! That is a true act of generosity. Then I had people scream out that they donated 100 000 kronor, or they have given a HUGE amount of money to the different organizations. As much as I applaud them, I still get a nasty taste in my mouth. I feel that when you donate you should be anonymous and not declare how much you have donated! Every penny counts, whether it be 1 penny or 10 million! I have to tell you a story my father once told me:

"There was a village in the Middle East and in that village a widow lived with her children. She had no form of income but what she could scrape together from day to day. In that village there was a church. Every Sunday people gathered for mass and gave donations to the poor in the community. Every Sunday the priest would read aloud how much each person had donated that Sunday. He would read the names of the people who had writted down their donations. Every Sunday he would read, John Doe has donated X amount of lire, Jane Doe has donated X amount of lire and so on (not the same people every Sunday). This old widower went to church every Sunday and each time she would donate 10 lire. Never did she put her name down, and she would donate in secrecy. Now John and Jane Doe would give 100 000 lire and in comparison to their sums the old widowers donation seemed puny. What you do not know is the old widower's total earnings were 20 lire before going to church, where she then gave half of that sum. John and Jane Doe's earnings were millions of lire. Think about this and tell me who gave more, the widower (who gave half of her livelihood) or John and Jane Doe?"

Ever since my father told me this story in my childhood years (the good times haha) it has stuck with me. When I give, I give as much as I can and tell no one. Since I have 0 income haha I choose to give my time because it is what I can give. If you give money to a person in need, think about how much you have in your wallet and how much the person has. Give as much as you think you can live without, for example the coffee or a pack of smokes -- give that sum to someone in need. It will make you feel much better, and when the craving kicks in, just close your eyes and think about the person's look on his/her face when receiving the donation -- it will be worth it. Many of you may think; when you give you are not sure it goes to the right cause, guess what, it is just money! Pieces of paper!! You can always make more. If you don't want to give the money, tell the person that you will go with them and buy them a meal instead -- that way you know where your money will end up. Small deeds will spread, let's make them good! I should stop preaching now and head back to my business of the day!!

Thanks to all the kind people out there trying their best to make a change, however small it may be it still matters! To all of you frauds out there SHAME ON YOU!! Because of people like that we, that try to do good and help our world, will have a tougher job. We will not give up though, I refuse to let the darkness in people rule over the light!! Ok, I promise that is the last you will hear from me for now hahahahah

Until later my generous kin


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