Thursday, January 21, 2010

And so we are off!

My work with UNICEF has begun!! It is a lot to take in but so far so good. The members are super sweet, sending me emails, welcoming me and exclaiming their joy of my decision to take over the reigns of the group. I still get emails from people wanting to join the group but they keep referring to the previous contact girls, so it will take some time for the new ones to catch on. We have our first event on Saturday, raising money for the people in Haiti. This spring is filled with fun things but it will be a lot of work. S. might take on the role as co-contact person but she isn't too sure yet. Tomorrow I have to meet with my "supervisor" at the office and get to know her. On Monday I have an interview with a woman from My Academy, I am applying for a job as tutor -- any job will do, even if it is part-time! Well, I better continue checking the email because people are bombarding the email account with UNICEF and my own email as well haha -- I LOVE IT!!

until later lovelies, oh and don't forget to donate a couple of dollars, kronor, or whatever your currency may be, to the people in need


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