Friday, January 29, 2010

Team Tsui and Schneider ft Allison

As you already know I like Sam Tsui and KurtHugoSchneider and their work. I found 2 videos featuring their friend Allison singing and she is great!

Check them out and hope you like em!

"Tik Tok" by Ke$ha, sung by Allison and music by KurtHugoSchneider

"Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen, sung by Allison and music by KurtHugoSchneider

ENJOY!! Until later sugar plums hahah


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy birthday 2 youuuuuu

Before heading to bed I just wanted to wish you, S. a HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY!!! May this year bring you wisdom because lohd knows you need some haha -- just kidding!!

"That's not Nancy!!! It's not Nancy" HAHAHAHA...cracks us up everytime!!! We looove Ellen!!

Well enjoy your birthday week and on Saturday you may see your eye candy :)

(Nice cake of Jensen Ackles aka Dean Winchester, remove the name Mellis and add your name, S. The Impala is for your own imagination combined with Jensen haha...both images are cakes so enjoy!!!)

For the rest of you wonderful people, have a great night or day (depending where you are in the world) and until later


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1 year and 18 days!!!

OMG just realized I have been keeping this blog for a year and 18 days!!! Yeay, Happy belated birthday to my blog!!! I feel so grown up now haha -- we have come a long way since our first entry! I am a stationary blogger!! (have no idea what I am trying to convey with that)...Thank you all for coming along on this roller coaster journey! For this year I wish for more kind comments and perhaps more juicy news!!

Until later my birthday readers!


Mind process

I find myself wishing for more snow each day and today my wish came true. It is crazy snow outside!! Me and S. were planning on heading downtown today but when she called I was like uhm, yea, no, walking down today does not seem like the best idea we have thought of! I have to get some stuff for her birthday, which is tomorrow, but we are going out on Saturday!! How fun! Although she doesn't deserve it hahah (YES, I WILL HOLD IT AGAINST YOU THAT YOU CALLED WHEN MY BIRTHDAY WAS ALMOST OVER, UNTIL MY NEXT BIRTHDAY!! You will get a chance to redeem yourself -- Worst reason ever: "I was sleeping that is why I call now" You could have text b4 you went to bed, duuuhhh, it would have been the BEGINNING of my birthday!) Anyways, she gets to hear that every time she mentions her own birthday hahahah -- just trying to make a point clear! You never forget a friends birthday with a lame excuse as "I was sleeping" NEVER!!

I know what to get her but getting it will be harder, I need to go downtown for that to happen. Interesting how that will be solved, such a problem *dramatic sigh*

Well, first step is getting dressed and ready, second finish the things I have on my To Do list, and final is wait.

Until later season lovers


Monday, January 25, 2010

Clearing up one step at a time!

I finally got a job! I went on my interview with My Academy and they hired me on the spot as a private tutor. I know it is not hard to get a job like that but as there are no jobs out there for me to grab I needed to start somewhere and this is a job that will be rewarding in many ways. I am super busy with my work with UNICEF and now I will have something else to do on the side! Feels GREAT!!! I feel like I am getting back on track! I just have to remember to send in the form to the police so that the firm can see that I have no criminal records haha -- needed when working with kids! I got a letter from CSN (where we get our student loans) and they want their money baack!! Before I got the job, my excuse would be: "I have no income", but now my excuse will be: "I am still going to school"! However, I am hoping to get good news from a friend about abroad internship which could make a huge difference in my life -- and I am also extremely nervous about my Law School applications. I dread the day they will give me the answer, either not accepted or ACCEPTED!!! I pray for the latter, oh please please please!!!

Well, I better start my show now before it gets too late and I sleep at 5 am and wake up at 2 pm, not good at all! Time for SUPERNATURAL!!! Yes, the Winchester brothers are back in action!! Love me some Dean and Sam crazy work :)

Until later all you beautiful people out there!


Sunday, January 24, 2010


(Lend a hand)

Yesterday was an amazing day!!! I started the day in a grumpy mood, I took the wrong exit out of the subway which lead to me half-assed running up and down icy roads, reaching my team about 10 minutes too late. After many apologies we started gearing up and I send my little "chicks" out on town to raise as much money as possible for the people in Haiti. Even though the majority of the volunteers on my team are older than I am, they still make me feel like the hen mother! I was super proud when they returned with money-boxes filled to the top. I stood out in the cold for about 4 hours and let me tell you, I seriously thought I had frostbite on fingers, toes, and legs! My sister and S. were there and everyone were in a great mood. We had people ignoring us, saying flat out NO when asked if they could donate a small amount, people yelling at us claiming we do not declare our finances (which we do). BUT some were very positive, cheering us on, saying how proud they are that we stand outside for so long doing something good. The good comments definitely won over the morons with no lives!! Funny thing, when people shouted out we steal all the money, they would not even stop and let us defend ourselves -- we just heard the words as they were passing us. If you have something to say then be a grown up and say what you have to say to my face!
Anyways, best part were when children came up and said that they just got their allowance and gave it to us, all of it! That is a true act of generosity. Then I had people scream out that they donated 100 000 kronor, or they have given a HUGE amount of money to the different organizations. As much as I applaud them, I still get a nasty taste in my mouth. I feel that when you donate you should be anonymous and not declare how much you have donated! Every penny counts, whether it be 1 penny or 10 million! I have to tell you a story my father once told me:

"There was a village in the Middle East and in that village a widow lived with her children. She had no form of income but what she could scrape together from day to day. In that village there was a church. Every Sunday people gathered for mass and gave donations to the poor in the community. Every Sunday the priest would read aloud how much each person had donated that Sunday. He would read the names of the people who had writted down their donations. Every Sunday he would read, John Doe has donated X amount of lire, Jane Doe has donated X amount of lire and so on (not the same people every Sunday). This old widower went to church every Sunday and each time she would donate 10 lire. Never did she put her name down, and she would donate in secrecy. Now John and Jane Doe would give 100 000 lire and in comparison to their sums the old widowers donation seemed puny. What you do not know is the old widower's total earnings were 20 lire before going to church, where she then gave half of that sum. John and Jane Doe's earnings were millions of lire. Think about this and tell me who gave more, the widower (who gave half of her livelihood) or John and Jane Doe?"

Ever since my father told me this story in my childhood years (the good times haha) it has stuck with me. When I give, I give as much as I can and tell no one. Since I have 0 income haha I choose to give my time because it is what I can give. If you give money to a person in need, think about how much you have in your wallet and how much the person has. Give as much as you think you can live without, for example the coffee or a pack of smokes -- give that sum to someone in need. It will make you feel much better, and when the craving kicks in, just close your eyes and think about the person's look on his/her face when receiving the donation -- it will be worth it. Many of you may think; when you give you are not sure it goes to the right cause, guess what, it is just money! Pieces of paper!! You can always make more. If you don't want to give the money, tell the person that you will go with them and buy them a meal instead -- that way you know where your money will end up. Small deeds will spread, let's make them good! I should stop preaching now and head back to my business of the day!!

Thanks to all the kind people out there trying their best to make a change, however small it may be it still matters! To all of you frauds out there SHAME ON YOU!! Because of people like that we, that try to do good and help our world, will have a tougher job. We will not give up though, I refuse to let the darkness in people rule over the light!! Ok, I promise that is the last you will hear from me for now hahahahah

Until later my generous kin


Thursday, January 21, 2010

And so we are off!

My work with UNICEF has begun!! It is a lot to take in but so far so good. The members are super sweet, sending me emails, welcoming me and exclaiming their joy of my decision to take over the reigns of the group. I still get emails from people wanting to join the group but they keep referring to the previous contact girls, so it will take some time for the new ones to catch on. We have our first event on Saturday, raising money for the people in Haiti. This spring is filled with fun things but it will be a lot of work. S. might take on the role as co-contact person but she isn't too sure yet. Tomorrow I have to meet with my "supervisor" at the office and get to know her. On Monday I have an interview with a woman from My Academy, I am applying for a job as tutor -- any job will do, even if it is part-time! Well, I better continue checking the email because people are bombarding the email account with UNICEF and my own email as well haha -- I LOVE IT!!

until later lovelies, oh and don't forget to donate a couple of dollars, kronor, or whatever your currency may be, to the people in need


Sunday, January 17, 2010

My inspiration

I know I have been bad at updating but I have not been too motivated for much lately. Last night I send out an application to what I thought was New York University School of Law, BUT what actually was New York Law School. I noticed this AFTER I paid 77 dollars!! Feels wonderful -- NOT!!! Some days I just want to give up and look for other options but nothing gets me as excited as the thought of attending Law School -- ugh

To keep my mood up as I have tried to remain at home I have watched and laughed my butt off to Mr. Fluffy -- aka Gabriel Iglesias. Lord knows I LOVE stand up comedy, or any comedy for that matter! I also started watching The Vampire Diaries and so far it is ok, not mind blowing haha. The gorgeous Ian Somerhalder plays a bad boy/vampire (Damon Salvatore) and is simply wonderful as the antagonist in the show. I am still waiting for it to get better and juicer muahahaa

Another movie that has rocked my very foundation is The Blind Side. I love Sandra Bullock, amazing actress and hilarious (loved her acceptance speech on the People's Choice Awards). In this movie she represents EVERYTHING I stand for and as I believe. I told S. I was watching it and she said: "You are gonna love it because it is a typical Amanda movie!!!!" I am so in love with it and cannot wait to buy the DVD! If you have not seen it yet, I recommend you check it out ASAP!!! I give it 5/5 R's!!

Well, waiting for S. to call I am gonna find something to eat, even though it is around 2 am and food is stricktly forbidden!! I shall eat and dwell on the fact that J. insisted I go out and find me a man! His words: "Should not be hard for a woman like yourself! You are gorgeous, smart, and with a personality no man in his right mind would say no to!! Lower your standards just a tad and he will appear"
Ok, why is it that everyone around need me to find someone? I am not desperate nor am I frantically searching for someone -- when he comes I will know but until then I am not in a hurry -- just something I needed to get off my chest..well, until later darlings


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


He is an amazing comedian and I love him -- He is not fat -- he is FLUFFY Gabriel Iglesias!!! Check out his new tour "I'm not fat, I'm fluffy" This is part 1/7 so check it out!!!!

Just love his stand up! Enjoy darlings


Welcome back

I am so bored and have no motivation to do anything!!! I finally got a hold of an old friend, S. from Law School and have to meet up with her soon!!! I am so excited but dunno when it will happen hehe...Well just wanted to say welcome to my blog beloved S and congrats to the engagement and the new puppy!!! Miss you loads and love you :)

Until later beloved readers


Monday, January 11, 2010

Music lover

A day shopping with S. and meeting up with E. It was a good but cold day! I didn't find anything to buy, or should I say nothing in my size :( We came home and chit chatted for a while before the girls left and sleep slowly approached my eyes. I checked out some good songs and here are a couple of them -- enjoy!!

Chris Brown "Crawl"

Alicia Keyes "Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart"

Alexandra Burke ft Flo Rida
"Bad Boys"

Jay Sean ft. Lil Jon & Sean Paul " Do You Remember"

Akon ft Pitbull "Shut it down"

Jason Derulo "In my head"

I think these will do for now...also check out Lady Gaga ft Beyonce "Telephone"...Pretty cool! Until later


Sunday, January 10, 2010

My dress!!

I am not a fan of Stephanie Pratt one bit but the dress she is sporting, is the same dress my mum bought for me -- I am wearing it to one of the 5 weddings that are planned for spring and summer -- so far haha. I have to lose a couple of pounds but I am happy it looks better on me than her, due to the fact that I do not look like I have an eating disorder ehem -- Am I the only one who thinks she looked so much better with a little meat on her body? Her legs look aweful!! Ugh -- Stephanie, if you are reading this I just wanna say, "Sweetie, go to one of the many delicious restaurants in LA and just enjoy one meal after the other. Gain some of that beauty back! Just an honest opinion -- kisses and hugs doll" :P

Ok, after venting (my whole purpose was to show you my new dress and not vent about half the Pratt possie on The Hills) I hope you like the dress!

Until later fashion lovahs


Thursday, January 7, 2010


Watching the remake of FAME and wondering if it is as good as the original. I don't know if that is the case to be honest, maybe because I am so used to the original so when I see this remake I expect something else. It is definitely adapted to our generation but I think the original was a bit rougher, depicted the real and dirty life of struggling students -- just my opinion. I am not stating it is a poor movie but looking at the two seperately, FAME (2009) is a good movie with GREAT dance moves and music. I was mostly impressed by the dancing, suprisingly as I am a music girl myself :P Of course I recognized all the teachers in the movie but only one student. Overall I would give it 3,5/5 R's.. I have uploaded the video of the world renowned song "Fame", the remake! It is good...Enjoy lovelies

Until later...


Stuffy nose n beautiful snow

(I just have some random pics of Nala -- this is when I tried to force her to do her business but it wasn't easy with all the firework around us -- she looked like someone was chasing her -- peeing and walking without stopping! The snow is deeper than this now -- oh glorious white winter!)

Not really in the mood of writing too much because I have gotten stuffy and most likely will get a cold -- but I need to say that the snow is just so beautiful. Today it looks like diamonds falling down all around us. The days have gotten shorter and waking up makes one wonder if it's still night out -- feel bad for my sister who wakes up really early to go to school and by the time she comes out it is dark again. Anyways, Glee has been playing on the TV every day over and over again haha but I am not complaining -- good music reinvented cannot be complained at! :)

(Nala in her bag, her favorite place in the whole world!!!! haha...she needed 2 blankets to stay warm, INDOORS! Poor thing has been sneezing all night and day, she has a stuffy nose as well -- this picture is at our New Years celebration -- all white around her mouth, getting older haha)

I hope all of you are doing good out there in the world and until later


Monday, January 4, 2010


On Saturday I saw Avatar 3D with my sister, S. and her brother D. It was AWESOME!!!!! To find tickets was so effing hard because it is sold out almost everywhere, everyday! But it was worth the wait! I thought I would flinch/jump more, but it was beautiful -- what I loved most about the movie was, hands down, the marvelous colors -- cannot be beat. I read that James Cameron has stated that if the movies makes enough money and is a hit there will be a sequal, and to say the least, I am excited to see the sequal. I would totally not mind to play a part in this movie, to be a Na'vi -- so cool haha! But I do not have the contacts so nevermind but a girl can dream!

Speaking of entertainment, I have discovered my fascination for the British car show, Top Gear. The three geezers are hilarious and learning more about cars is never a negative thing haha. I have been watching it for the past couple of days nonstop. I have loved the show for years now, but it has become an addicting show hahaha...well, I should get something to eat and try to take Nala out in this horrific weather. There is snow all over and ice under so it is crazy -- just read that ice is surrounding Sweden so we will see what will happen following days when it will get colder -- exciting...ehem...

Until later my darlings


Friday, January 1, 2010


HAPPY NEW YEAR my beloved readers!!!!! We have now started a new decade, on my behalf it began with my family -- We enjoyed the best New Years Eve lunch/dinner and it was great! We got ready and headed out to our relatives to dance in the New Year. It started snowing and so our land looked whiter than ever. On our way to the hall we passed a beautiful deer who stood by the edge of the highway, it just looked at the passing cars with snow on top of its head :)

For the first time, in a long time, I saw fireworks again and it was mesmerizing!!! I have had all kinds of New Year celebrations and spending it with the family is the best feeling. On our way back home, around 4 am, we had a flat tire and in the snow my brother and father struggled to change a tire on our OOOOOOLD car. It just took them like -- 1 hour haha...but we started the new decade with an adventure :) I hope this year will be blessed with sooo much more than 2009, a year that caused too much heartache! Today is the first day of many more days to come so make the best out of it my sweethearts! I might head back to the hall today or just sit at home, watch TV, and enjoy all the yummy things on our table!! Until later my sweet friends..a new year and a new mind
(My fathers leg haha, shows how he is just chilling on our crappy and old ass sofas..time for a change perhaps?)

(Chips, baklava, fruit, and so much more)

(From the top you get Nala's head in the picture as well -- a wonder she didn't charge the table with all the amazing scents hihi)

(Believe it or not, this is a mini-orange haha -- it was so cute but oh so sour!! Not for me, I prefer looking at it haha)