Saturday, December 12, 2009

White winter wonderland

The first day of real snow was today - I looked out the window when I woke up and everything looked the same, dark and wet - after a couple of hours my mother exclaims; "IT'S SNOWING!!! EVERYTHING IS WHITE! How pretty..."My mom, and myself, love snow! It really is beautiful. I took Nala out for a walk and this was the first time she experienced snow :) It was a treat to watch her try to comprehend what was so slippery. I haven't seen snow in about 5 years and it felt nice to feel it fall on my hair, squeeze a snowball and almost fall on my behind because of how slippery it is hihi - I thought it would be nice for you to see what I am talking about so I took my camera out with me and snapped a couple of pictures. Here are some of the pics, enjoy!
(One of my favorite places around my building, outside J's parents apartment. Love the gazebo, especially covered in snow, it is so romantic)
(many balconies are decorated with beautiful lights, lighting up the dark days and nights - the snow looks so magical!)
(During summer time this yard is filled with kids playing and adults gathering)
(Nala's first steps in snow right outside the apartment hihi - see how far ahead of me she is, desperately trying to finish her business quickly)
(The building you see is the CSN building, where students are granted loans for school, the building of horror - no just kidding - or am I?)
(Yes, the P stands for parking, good guess)
(Nala getting used to the snow, one step at a time)
(Can you see the snow? CAN YOU?!! It is
so beautiful)
(My first snowball in 5 years - I can tell you this much, it was bloody cold hihi)
I was taking a picture of where apple trees grow during summer, around that area there is a military building and on the fence around the building it says no pictures allowed. As I was taking a couple of pictures a security guard was walking and noticed my flash. He stopped in his tracks and would not leave but stared at me, most likely thinking I was trying to steal secret info, you know written on the building, or maybe try to steal the architecture of the "oh so lovely" façade (hint, sarcasm pouring out of every cell in my body). Now the apartment smells like tangerines and biscotti and is lit by x-mas lights in the windows - I am gonna cuddle up with some fruit, hot coco, and biscotti and enjoy my first snowy day in 5 years - Until later my snowmen and women

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  1. Jag ser det snöar jg ser det snöar det var väl roligt hurra!! hahaha SNOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW wohoooo!! I can't believe Nala finally experiences it!!HAHAHAHA