Monday, December 14, 2009

One step at a time

I wanted to share with me some good news before going to bed, I went to the meeting with the girls from the UNICEF group. It took me forever to walk because all the snow has turned to ice so I was basically ice skating my way to the bus stop -- When I got there, they decided I was to take over the responsibilities of the entire group! Really exciting but at the same time slightly nervous -- I also realized I made two new wonderful friends. My first impression was not quite accurate hehe but I mean we make mistakes, come on!! I am going over to one of the girls' apartment and enjoy a night with some people from the group, where we will break the news (aaaahh hope they like me) -- Anyways, I should go to sleep so I won't twist and turn in my bed all night like last night *sigh*. I found this song and of course I fell in love hihi -- Nice cover of "Umbrella" by Mandy Moore.

Until later creatures of the night


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