Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh christmas tree oh christmas tree....

This morning I took Nala to the vet (had an aweful night, thought I was getting sick but apparently false alarm) and they told me she didn't need to get her rabies shot yet, it is due next year. Instead she got another shot and we headed back home. I need to dubble check that the papers are accurate because I am doubting that she got her shot in 2007 considering I got her 2006 -- I am getting worried now, shit! Well, I will check it now so no need to panic -- After we came home, I went with my parents and Nala to buy a christmas tree, after checking different trees and bothering the sales people we found the one! I ended up decorating it all by myself because me and my mom started arguing the second we started putting the lights up. After loads of fussing with myself, the tree stood proudly in the corner of our livingroom. The whole house smells of christmas, each day more and more ;) After decorating the tree I headed out to meet some of the UNICEF girls I will be working with closely. I, of course, got lost (even though I passed that very street every day for years haha) it was freezing outside and soon my hands and ears were completely numb and I was on the verge of turning back home. I wore heels like the dumbass I can be, this lead to walking veeeery slow and almost falling on my ass the entire way.
(This is our tree without decoration, it is called Kungs gran and literal translation it is called King tree -- dunno what it is actually called in English)

(It is not a clear picture but I did it all, minus the tinsel haha -- the thing under the tree is actually a santa hihi -- I had to use all the decoration we had and let me tell you some of these we have had for YEARS!!!)

(The star, I don't know if you can see it though haha)

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