Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nobel Ceremony

December 10th was the Nobel Prize ceremony as usual. I watched it with my mother, who asked my father why he never attended and where he replied " Nah, I turned them down -- not my kind of crowd", cannot say my parents do not have a sense of humor haha! As I was admiring, and bashing, the gowns of the night, I thought about what I would wear if I was ever invited -- I thought long and hard, I came to the conclusion that it would have to be something eye-popping, extravagant, and of course GORGEOUS!! I love colors, however, when I went on I put together something I would not turn down --

As you see the dress is black but oh so dreamy!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Oscar De La Renta!!! Even though the dress is black I would wear accessories that would catch a blind man's eyes (no offense or pun intended -- just my dumb sense of humor -- moving on). Anyone who knows me, knows I am a sucker for accessories and wearing diamonds by Harry Winston, or these featured in this set, would be a dream! The clutch and shoes are beautiful, although the shoes might be slightly altered if I would wear them, but still preeeetty!! Since I am advertizing these websites isn't it fair if I should receive a gift from them hahaha -- no, just kidding -- or am I?

This is what I used to put together the outfit:

Oscar de la Renta dress, 40 542 SEK
Yves Saint Laurent heels,, 5 887 SEK
Stone Frame clutch,, 16 792 SEK
Platinum Diamond earrings,, 103 024 SEK
Di Modolo Tempia Diamond ring,, 27 969 SEK
Triple Row Diamond bracelet,, 116 832 SEK

That is one expensive outfit, but you know I would rock it like a glam star hihi -- ok, enough with the arrogance. As you know President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize which made loads of people drop their jaws, including me. I am not saying he does not deserve it, I am just saying let the man work for it and actually prove he earned it before awarding him. There are many people out there that work every day for world peace and they are not even thought of, yet someone who is involved in 2 wars at the moment received the award. Ugh, I don't know, it is just mind-boggling (if that is how it is spelled haha). Who knows, maybe in the future we will all say that he deserved it for all the work he put in but for now I am not too convinced. Funny thing was that he didn't even want to accept it because, I think, he was surprised as well haha oh well it is up to the committee. Also, it was blasted all over the news about the briefcase that holds the key to atomic bombs (or something like that), it was brought to Norway with President Obama -- Ironic!!!
Well, I should go to sleep, or force myself to sleep, because I have a meeting with one of the contact girls from the UNICEF group I volunteer. They are both leaving and need replacements so I might be of assistance -- will have to wait for tomorrow to see what will happen! Until later glamourous people


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