Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My wish list

Ok so my birthday is in a couple of days and I am meeting some of my beloved friends tomorrow for dinner, on Saturday I am meeting other beloved friends for dinner and some drinks...also on Sunday (day of my birthday) I am meeting with my sweet sweet friend that I met in Law School..I told all of them I do not want any gifts so I hope they all listened...(NOT) no just kidding seriously *dramatic paus* naah just kidding..this is the first time I have really meant I do not wish anything for my birthday...I am too busy wishing for things like acceptance to law school, getting a good job, and publishing my books which makes all other material things not so very important. BUT one thing I do wish is one of these watches: (Check out at

I don't know which color I want though, they all look so nice. I love the chrono model, there are other colors as well and soo pretty!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! My mom told me to buy a pair of boots, her gift for me me old fashioned but I love to get surprised, unwrapping a gift is more exciting than the gift itself sometimes and getting it from someone instead of buying it myself hahaha...anyways, this "wishing" letter will be sent to Santa and maybe I will have a new watch for christmas!!! Please please Santa, I have been a good girl...I think ;P

Another thing I have wished for has been this kind of bracelet. I found it online a while ago but cannot find the exact one I saw. However, at the moment these bracelets are not worth the price...when I have the financial means to splurge on these things I will buy myself a bracelet like this

The black one as you can see, is called: Kidada for Disney Couture Wrap Bracelet, can be found at various websites such as The white one is Regencies Designer Jewelry and can be found at I love leather charm bracelets, especially wrap!! Great gift...While we are at what we wish for, of course any pair of Louboutins are HIGH up on my list!! (Would not reject these babel boots by Christian Louboutin) Many shoes, bags, accessories and so on are on my list but let's be realistic, unless I am done with law school and have a great job this will remain as my wish list...please accept me to law school so I can begin the road to hard work and hopefully success....pleeeaaase!!!! Ok, I am starting to lose it again so I better post this entry and head to bed so I can wake up early and again go look for boots for tomorrow..cutting it short I know haha but that is me! Who knows maybe this time desperation will allow me to find THE boots...doubt it haha! Until later darlings


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