Sunday, December 6, 2009


A lot has happened these past couple of days, I had a huge fight with my bosses son because he is a true SOB!!! Met an OH SO HOT man....I have met almost all my friends as a celebration for my 26th birthday haha...I was out last night with M and H and had a BLAST!!!! M's boyfriend, who was also our waitor at his resaurant/bar, gave us a huge bottle of champagne and guess what; M doesn't like champagne and H is taking meds SO I was the only one who could drink it. Every time he saw my glass half, he would pour more and before we knew it I had finished the entire bottle by myself!!!! Funny thing, I was not even buzzed...We were all amazed because I have not had alcohol in quite some time...odd...however, after a shot he got me as well as sipping off of M's dinks (she didn't like any of the drinks her boyfriend got haha..she felt so bad) it started kicking in..He brought me cake with a HUGE candle in it, but it was before midnight so M and H promised they would not sing to me...when it hit midnight they sang and congratulated was very sweet and intimate, just the way I like it!!! I came home and my sister was up and she didn't even notice or smell that I had consumed any alcohol, and we are talking about a girl with the nose of a bloodhound....In the middle of the night I started freaking out about my liver for some reason!! I got up and drank tons of water and vouched I would never drink again, as I do everytime I have any alcohol hahaha....this morning my mom and sister thought it fun to come in to my room with a stale doughnut and a candle and sing happy birthday to me..yea, not so fun when your stomach is turning haha..I blew out the candle without making a wish, second year in a row. When my dad and brother came back from church they had bought me a cake so maybe I get a second chance haha and I know what to wish for! Now I am eating lunch all alone (I know it is soo sad haha) and I am heading out to meet G. before going to the movies with my sister to watch New Moon....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!
(Yep this is the bottle..)
Gotta head out now so I won't be late...until later darlings...and Happy Birthday to all you fellow birth friends out there....


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