Thursday, December 17, 2009

Give WHAT up?!

Talk about a bloody storm today! When I was heading to work I couldn't see in front of me and it was loads of snow all over. I waited for the bus and of course had to stand there for like 15 mins, freezing my butt off!! Luckily the transit between the buses was smooth with no wait at all. I was busy at work wrapping christmas gifts, which is one of my favorite things to do during this time of year. I have always loved gift wrapping and now everyone ask me to wrap their gifts -- so more fun for me!!

(Look how nice it all looks under the tree!)

(A different kind of tree -- Look real closely and you will see all the Mountain Dew cans -- and bottle at the top -- recycle the tree, scent of Mountain Dew)

As I was surfing the web today, and discovering a booboo I made with my aunts dress (lets just say the order never went through because of address flaw) I found a pair of Louboutin boots online for like $170. I don't know if it is a fraud or if it's second hand or whatever but let me tell you that finding it made my heart leap -- would I honestly own a pair of Louboutins already?? Oh my god!!! But I need to look further in to it! By the way, I love how my friend pronounces Louboutin, lu-bu-t-in, and squeals after hahaha

I don't think I am gonna be able to go to the hairshow :( I feel really sick and I have to work until 7 pm (have to be there at 9 pm) and also need to find clothes. How am I gonna have time? Or worse, how am I gonna explain it to someone who is used to getting her way, all the time haha -- she will be disappointed. If I don't feel better by tomorrow night there is no way I am going. It's hard enough to be at work and try to pretend everything is well but to go out and stay out until 5 am, not something I can pull off! Also, on saturday we have an event with UNICEF and there is no way I can miss it. The present representant told everyone I will be taking over the group so missing the first event as the "group leader" doesn't exactly scream commitment and trust. Busy busy busy -- my boss assumed I would be working on Saturday, something I have not done considering they have a girl working weekends. When she was by the door, ready to leave, she turns around and says "Oh yea, you are working Saturday"
-- PANIC!! WTF!!!!!!
Me: "Uhm, no I can't. I already have plans with UNICEF.
Boss: "Try to get out because I need all the staff I can get"
Me: "Doesn't L. work on Saturday? I thought she worked and I already committed to helping out"
Boss: "Well, yea she is working but it is going to get crazy at the store because I think it will be a busy day. You know what happens when it is busy? Greater risk of theft!"

Why should I care? It never gets that busy that it is granted someone will steal a bag or something from the store. There will be three people monitoring the tiny store , come on! How can you say abandon your volunteer work for something like this -- ugh some people

Me: "Well, let me check if we have any volunteers that day. If we do I might be able to get out if not then it is just me and another girl, meaning I cannot let her be by herself."
Boss: "Huh! Ok, check and let me know. But try to get out, as much as you can"

I was just standing there not knowing what to think. How can someone, who just explained about the generosity of our culture and sense of volunteer work, to abandon something like UNICEF -- for the sake of her sales? "Oh, hang on let me reschedule collecting money for starving children" -- "They can learn how to read later, I am busy right now" -- "Oh ok, they can walk miles and miles to gather water because I am too busy to give up a couple of hours of my weekend to sell some things benefiting the children!" -- I mean, do you understand how stupid that sounds??!! Some people should get their priorities straight! I understand you need to make a living as well, but to ask someone who helps you very often to give up the few hours she helps children in need is just preposterous!!! So, you can guess what my reply will be tomorrow...uhm, solid no!

Anyways, I should go to sleep, need the rest to have energy to turn down two people; first M about the hairshow and then my boss about Saturday. Life is swell haha -- well I hope you guys are having better things planned :) Until later sweeties

(I just wanted to share this image with you guys hahaha Merry Christmas!!!)


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