Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The challenge

Just finished watching Julie & Julia and was blown away. Meryl Streep and Amy Adams are amazing actors and in this movie they were absolutely wonderful. The idea of doing what Julie Powell did was genial. Instead of allowing herself "go under" she found a woman from another generation, but basically in the same situation, and was inspired to do something new. She not only challenged herself but also fulfilled her dream she almost lost, becoming a writer. She chose to cook all of Julia Child's recipes in 365. Not only was she to cook but she also maintained a blog about every step during those 365 days. This made me think about what other things can we challenge ourselves to do during a limited period? Travel all over Europe and keep an online diary about all the places to visit? Maybe try X amount of extreme sports during X amount of days? Perhaps, try all the sex positions there are and tell the world about what you think of it (that is for you daring people in the world haha). Maybe for a whole year you do something new every day, something you have never done before, putting fear and prejudice aside. Whatever you do just make sure it is to make you feel better and challenge yourself, allow yourself to grow. I am thinking about what my challenge may be. For now I need to take Nala out for a midnight stroll - until later all you lovely readers


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