Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brittany Murphy

After I finished writing my christmas postcards I checked the news and saw that Brittany Murphy has passed away. According to TMZ, who I do not like to quote but that is where we first heard it, Brittany had a cardiac arrest and could not be revived. I was shocked! She was only 32 years old, how can she pass away from a heart attack! It is sad news indeed, we have lost an amazing, bubbly, funny, and beautiful woman. She brought joy to our screens in movies like "Clueless", "Just Married", "Uptown Girls", "8 Mile", and many more. I hope this will let us see that diseases do not discriminate and we need to come together and fight them, also it teaches us not to take life for granted. R.I.P wonderful Brittany Murphy, you are in our minds and prayers. Until later..


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