Tuesday, December 29, 2009

THE mash up!

Talk about mash up! This is pretty cool and most likely time consuming! Enjoy some of the songs from 2009!

Until later darlings


Sunday, December 27, 2009

So True!

Love this message!! Enjoy darlings...until later


Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Sitting at home after a long day with all my relatives, celebrating Christmas at Grandma's house. For the first time in five years, I spend the holidays with my family. It was really fun but tiring. This is also the first time in five years it has snowed as much haha -- I told my family I brought a white Christmas with me from LA to Stockholm :P
Enjoying GREAT food and lots and lots of treats! My cousins kids came over and Nala just flipped. She kept barking and growling because they were constantly around her screaming, running around, and just charging at her. I think she was extremely relieved when we left because she has passed out on the sofa now haha. But a really good thing this week was not only Christmas but also S. has come back from the States. She didn't come alone haha, she brought half of Right Aid along with shoes and a really nice top from my beloved H!!!!! I could not believe my eyes when I saw what she took out of the bags haha -- Before I show you some pics I took of the things I got, I need to tell you that I got my Triwa watch, purple with green background from my parents, i.d bareminerals from my brother, and an interesting looking shirt from my boss. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and now we can look forward New Year!! Tomorrow may mean shopping, if my mother is in the mood that is haha. The monster sale is on, starting tomorrow, so looking forward to more crazy crazy days!! I have put up with morons at work thinking they know the law, only to shut up when finding out I was in Law School and actually knowing what the law says -- aaahhh, education is the best weapon for sure :)

Well, have a wonderful weekend and a great holiday!!

(Check out the shoes!!! Love love love)

(The chains on the top are so cool, love it!)

(Love all the things in the picture! Nala is checking out the goody pile and the shoes :P)

Until later my darlings!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Brittany Murphy

After I finished writing my christmas postcards I checked the news and saw that Brittany Murphy has passed away. According to TMZ, who I do not like to quote but that is where we first heard it, Brittany had a cardiac arrest and could not be revived. I was shocked! She was only 32 years old, how can she pass away from a heart attack! It is sad news indeed, we have lost an amazing, bubbly, funny, and beautiful woman. She brought joy to our screens in movies like "Clueless", "Just Married", "Uptown Girls", "8 Mile", and many more. I hope this will let us see that diseases do not discriminate and we need to come together and fight them, also it teaches us not to take life for granted. R.I.P wonderful Brittany Murphy, you are in our minds and prayers. Until later..


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Give WHAT up?!

Talk about a bloody storm today! When I was heading to work I couldn't see in front of me and it was loads of snow all over. I waited for the bus and of course had to stand there for like 15 mins, freezing my butt off!! Luckily the transit between the buses was smooth with no wait at all. I was busy at work wrapping christmas gifts, which is one of my favorite things to do during this time of year. I have always loved gift wrapping and now everyone ask me to wrap their gifts -- so more fun for me!!

(Look how nice it all looks under the tree!)

(A different kind of tree -- Look real closely and you will see all the Mountain Dew cans -- and bottle at the top -- recycle the tree, scent of Mountain Dew)

As I was surfing the web today, and discovering a booboo I made with my aunts dress (lets just say the order never went through because of address flaw) I found a pair of Louboutin boots online for like $170. I don't know if it is a fraud or if it's second hand or whatever but let me tell you that finding it made my heart leap -- would I honestly own a pair of Louboutins already?? Oh my god!!! But I need to look further in to it! By the way, I love how my friend pronounces Louboutin, lu-bu-t-in, and squeals after hahaha

I don't think I am gonna be able to go to the hairshow :( I feel really sick and I have to work until 7 pm (have to be there at 9 pm) and also need to find clothes. How am I gonna have time? Or worse, how am I gonna explain it to someone who is used to getting her way, all the time haha -- she will be disappointed. If I don't feel better by tomorrow night there is no way I am going. It's hard enough to be at work and try to pretend everything is well but to go out and stay out until 5 am, not something I can pull off! Also, on saturday we have an event with UNICEF and there is no way I can miss it. The present representant told everyone I will be taking over the group so missing the first event as the "group leader" doesn't exactly scream commitment and trust. Busy busy busy -- my boss assumed I would be working on Saturday, something I have not done considering they have a girl working weekends. When she was by the door, ready to leave, she turns around and says "Oh yea, you are working Saturday"
-- PANIC!! WTF!!!!!!
Me: "Uhm, no I can't. I already have plans with UNICEF.
Boss: "Try to get out because I need all the staff I can get"
Me: "Doesn't L. work on Saturday? I thought she worked and I already committed to helping out"
Boss: "Well, yea she is working but it is going to get crazy at the store because I think it will be a busy day. You know what happens when it is busy? Greater risk of theft!"

Why should I care? It never gets that busy that it is granted someone will steal a bag or something from the store. There will be three people monitoring the tiny store , come on! How can you say abandon your volunteer work for something like this -- ugh some people

Me: "Well, let me check if we have any volunteers that day. If we do I might be able to get out if not then it is just me and another girl, meaning I cannot let her be by herself."
Boss: "Huh! Ok, check and let me know. But try to get out, as much as you can"

I was just standing there not knowing what to think. How can someone, who just explained about the generosity of our culture and sense of volunteer work, to abandon something like UNICEF -- for the sake of her sales? "Oh, hang on let me reschedule collecting money for starving children" -- "They can learn how to read later, I am busy right now" -- "Oh ok, they can walk miles and miles to gather water because I am too busy to give up a couple of hours of my weekend to sell some things benefiting the children!" -- I mean, do you understand how stupid that sounds??!! Some people should get their priorities straight! I understand you need to make a living as well, but to ask someone who helps you very often to give up the few hours she helps children in need is just preposterous!!! So, you can guess what my reply will be tomorrow...uhm, solid no!

Anyways, I should go to sleep, need the rest to have energy to turn down two people; first M about the hairshow and then my boss about Saturday. Life is swell haha -- well I hope you guys are having better things planned :) Until later sweeties

(I just wanted to share this image with you guys hahaha Merry Christmas!!!)


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh christmas tree oh christmas tree....

This morning I took Nala to the vet (had an aweful night, thought I was getting sick but apparently false alarm) and they told me she didn't need to get her rabies shot yet, it is due next year. Instead she got another shot and we headed back home. I need to dubble check that the papers are accurate because I am doubting that she got her shot in 2007 considering I got her 2006 -- I am getting worried now, shit! Well, I will check it now so no need to panic -- After we came home, I went with my parents and Nala to buy a christmas tree, after checking different trees and bothering the sales people we found the one! I ended up decorating it all by myself because me and my mom started arguing the second we started putting the lights up. After loads of fussing with myself, the tree stood proudly in the corner of our livingroom. The whole house smells of christmas, each day more and more ;) After decorating the tree I headed out to meet some of the UNICEF girls I will be working with closely. I, of course, got lost (even though I passed that very street every day for years haha) it was freezing outside and soon my hands and ears were completely numb and I was on the verge of turning back home. I wore heels like the dumbass I can be, this lead to walking veeeery slow and almost falling on my ass the entire way.
(This is our tree without decoration, it is called Kungs gran and literal translation it is called King tree -- dunno what it is actually called in English)

(It is not a clear picture but I did it all, minus the tinsel haha -- the thing under the tree is actually a santa hihi -- I had to use all the decoration we had and let me tell you some of these we have had for YEARS!!!)

(The star, I don't know if you can see it though haha)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Atilla Fluff

Saw this on the news and just melted!! I am not a cat enthusiast but this kitten is just too adorable!!

Gotta go give Nala her rabies shot..until later animal lovers and non-animal lovers


Defying gravity

I took the train for 45 minutes for an appointment only to arrive there to find out I arrived in vain -- She couldn't find my number and therefore she couldn't tell me the appointment was cancelled so all I could do was turn around and get back on the train again and head home. I went to meet H and M to plan for Friday and fearing for the well-being of my butt hihi. It is so icy under all the snow that when seeing me walk is like seeing someone with severe back spasms haha. I need to find a nice top for Friday because M's hairsalon is hosting an event and I have to be there as support but it is not too bad because we are getting goody-bags, YEAY!! She refuses to tell us what we can be expecting in the bags haha but I am guessing it is going to be hair products -- not complaining :)

Speaking of defying gravity I absolutely love Glee's version of "Defying Gravity" from Wicked. Here is the version sung by the character Kurt (Chris Colfer), who is amazing -- especially when hitting the high notes, many of us women cannot even dream of getting close to them, let alone hitting them :) --

This is the version sung by the character Rachel (Lea Michele), who actually resembles Idina Mendez (broadway star, also actress in the movie RENT and stars in WICKED).

I hope you liked both versions by these two amazing singers -- until later darlings


Monday, December 14, 2009

One step at a time

I wanted to share with me some good news before going to bed, I went to the meeting with the girls from the UNICEF group. It took me forever to walk because all the snow has turned to ice so I was basically ice skating my way to the bus stop -- When I got there, they decided I was to take over the responsibilities of the entire group! Really exciting but at the same time slightly nervous -- I also realized I made two new wonderful friends. My first impression was not quite accurate hehe but I mean we make mistakes, come on!! I am going over to one of the girls' apartment and enjoy a night with some people from the group, where we will break the news (aaaahh hope they like me) -- Anyways, I should go to sleep so I won't twist and turn in my bed all night like last night *sigh*. I found this song and of course I fell in love hihi -- Nice cover of "Umbrella" by Mandy Moore.

Until later creatures of the night


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nobel Ceremony

December 10th was the Nobel Prize ceremony as usual. I watched it with my mother, who asked my father why he never attended and where he replied " Nah, I turned them down -- not my kind of crowd", cannot say my parents do not have a sense of humor haha! As I was admiring, and bashing, the gowns of the night, I thought about what I would wear if I was ever invited -- I thought long and hard, I came to the conclusion that it would have to be something eye-popping, extravagant, and of course GORGEOUS!! I love colors, however, when I went on I put together something I would not turn down --

As you see the dress is black but oh so dreamy!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Oscar De La Renta!!! Even though the dress is black I would wear accessories that would catch a blind man's eyes (no offense or pun intended -- just my dumb sense of humor -- moving on). Anyone who knows me, knows I am a sucker for accessories and wearing diamonds by Harry Winston, or these featured in this set, would be a dream! The clutch and shoes are beautiful, although the shoes might be slightly altered if I would wear them, but still preeeetty!! Since I am advertizing these websites isn't it fair if I should receive a gift from them hahaha -- no, just kidding -- or am I?

This is what I used to put together the outfit:

Oscar de la Renta dress, 40 542 SEK
Yves Saint Laurent heels,, 5 887 SEK
Stone Frame clutch,, 16 792 SEK
Platinum Diamond earrings,, 103 024 SEK
Di Modolo Tempia Diamond ring,, 27 969 SEK
Triple Row Diamond bracelet,, 116 832 SEK

That is one expensive outfit, but you know I would rock it like a glam star hihi -- ok, enough with the arrogance. As you know President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize which made loads of people drop their jaws, including me. I am not saying he does not deserve it, I am just saying let the man work for it and actually prove he earned it before awarding him. There are many people out there that work every day for world peace and they are not even thought of, yet someone who is involved in 2 wars at the moment received the award. Ugh, I don't know, it is just mind-boggling (if that is how it is spelled haha). Who knows, maybe in the future we will all say that he deserved it for all the work he put in but for now I am not too convinced. Funny thing was that he didn't even want to accept it because, I think, he was surprised as well haha oh well it is up to the committee. Also, it was blasted all over the news about the briefcase that holds the key to atomic bombs (or something like that), it was brought to Norway with President Obama -- Ironic!!!
Well, I should go to sleep, or force myself to sleep, because I have a meeting with one of the contact girls from the UNICEF group I volunteer. They are both leaving and need replacements so I might be of assistance -- will have to wait for tomorrow to see what will happen! Until later glamourous people


Saturday, December 12, 2009

White winter wonderland

The first day of real snow was today - I looked out the window when I woke up and everything looked the same, dark and wet - after a couple of hours my mother exclaims; "IT'S SNOWING!!! EVERYTHING IS WHITE! How pretty..."My mom, and myself, love snow! It really is beautiful. I took Nala out for a walk and this was the first time she experienced snow :) It was a treat to watch her try to comprehend what was so slippery. I haven't seen snow in about 5 years and it felt nice to feel it fall on my hair, squeeze a snowball and almost fall on my behind because of how slippery it is hihi - I thought it would be nice for you to see what I am talking about so I took my camera out with me and snapped a couple of pictures. Here are some of the pics, enjoy!
(One of my favorite places around my building, outside J's parents apartment. Love the gazebo, especially covered in snow, it is so romantic)
(many balconies are decorated with beautiful lights, lighting up the dark days and nights - the snow looks so magical!)
(During summer time this yard is filled with kids playing and adults gathering)
(Nala's first steps in snow right outside the apartment hihi - see how far ahead of me she is, desperately trying to finish her business quickly)
(The building you see is the CSN building, where students are granted loans for school, the building of horror - no just kidding - or am I?)
(Yes, the P stands for parking, good guess)
(Nala getting used to the snow, one step at a time)
(Can you see the snow? CAN YOU?!! It is
so beautiful)
(My first snowball in 5 years - I can tell you this much, it was bloody cold hihi)
I was taking a picture of where apple trees grow during summer, around that area there is a military building and on the fence around the building it says no pictures allowed. As I was taking a couple of pictures a security guard was walking and noticed my flash. He stopped in his tracks and would not leave but stared at me, most likely thinking I was trying to steal secret info, you know written on the building, or maybe try to steal the architecture of the "oh so lovely" façade (hint, sarcasm pouring out of every cell in my body). Now the apartment smells like tangerines and biscotti and is lit by x-mas lights in the windows - I am gonna cuddle up with some fruit, hot coco, and biscotti and enjoy my first snowy day in 5 years - Until later my snowmen and women

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Night Owl

It is getting hard to sleep before 4 am so what I do has been to go to and let my imagination run amok. I put sets together of things I want, and maybe one day if I struggle hard enough I will have in my possession...these are a few of the sets I have put together...hope you like my artwork hahahahahaha

Sweetheart Emma
Sweetheart Emma by rkh83 featuring Miu Miu shoes

It's Courtney baby
It's Courtney baby by rkh83 featuring Catherine Malandrino dress

I feel so Lively
I feel so Lively by rkh83 featuring Marc by Marc Jacobs bags

FAB!! by rkh83 featuring Christian Dior shoes

Until later fellow howlers


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The challenge

Just finished watching Julie & Julia and was blown away. Meryl Streep and Amy Adams are amazing actors and in this movie they were absolutely wonderful. The idea of doing what Julie Powell did was genial. Instead of allowing herself "go under" she found a woman from another generation, but basically in the same situation, and was inspired to do something new. She not only challenged herself but also fulfilled her dream she almost lost, becoming a writer. She chose to cook all of Julia Child's recipes in 365. Not only was she to cook but she also maintained a blog about every step during those 365 days. This made me think about what other things can we challenge ourselves to do during a limited period? Travel all over Europe and keep an online diary about all the places to visit? Maybe try X amount of extreme sports during X amount of days? Perhaps, try all the sex positions there are and tell the world about what you think of it (that is for you daring people in the world haha). Maybe for a whole year you do something new every day, something you have never done before, putting fear and prejudice aside. Whatever you do just make sure it is to make you feel better and challenge yourself, allow yourself to grow. I am thinking about what my challenge may be. For now I need to take Nala out for a midnight stroll - until later all you lovely readers


They have done it again...

Kurt Schneider and Sam Tsui are back and this time it is Lady Gaga Medley...Very talented boys from Yale that are getting more and more recognition...future Ben Affleck and Matt Damon à la musicians? who knows? maybe...enjoy people



I can cry if I want to!!

Amazing babysitter hahaha sooo cute!!

Hope you guys got a good laugh out of this video...enjoy the rest of the day/night depending on where you are in the wonderful world...until later my friends


Monday, December 7, 2009


I watched Up last night and it is such a sweet movie. I laughed throughout the whole thing hihi...The movie had comedy, suspense, drama, well, it had it all haha..I would recommend this movie to all you Pixar/animated lovers because it is good! 4.5/5 R's from me...until later movie fans


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Many thanks

Thanks to all the "friends" that congratulated me on my birthday...I never forget to congratulate you but I leave and I guess "out of sight out of mind" really does work for you..just wanted to say thanks...feels great


A lot has happened these past couple of days, I had a huge fight with my bosses son because he is a true SOB!!! Met an OH SO HOT man....I have met almost all my friends as a celebration for my 26th birthday haha...I was out last night with M and H and had a BLAST!!!! M's boyfriend, who was also our waitor at his resaurant/bar, gave us a huge bottle of champagne and guess what; M doesn't like champagne and H is taking meds SO I was the only one who could drink it. Every time he saw my glass half, he would pour more and before we knew it I had finished the entire bottle by myself!!!! Funny thing, I was not even buzzed...We were all amazed because I have not had alcohol in quite some time...odd...however, after a shot he got me as well as sipping off of M's dinks (she didn't like any of the drinks her boyfriend got haha..she felt so bad) it started kicking in..He brought me cake with a HUGE candle in it, but it was before midnight so M and H promised they would not sing to me...when it hit midnight they sang and congratulated was very sweet and intimate, just the way I like it!!! I came home and my sister was up and she didn't even notice or smell that I had consumed any alcohol, and we are talking about a girl with the nose of a bloodhound....In the middle of the night I started freaking out about my liver for some reason!! I got up and drank tons of water and vouched I would never drink again, as I do everytime I have any alcohol hahaha....this morning my mom and sister thought it fun to come in to my room with a stale doughnut and a candle and sing happy birthday to me..yea, not so fun when your stomach is turning haha..I blew out the candle without making a wish, second year in a row. When my dad and brother came back from church they had bought me a cake so maybe I get a second chance haha and I know what to wish for! Now I am eating lunch all alone (I know it is soo sad haha) and I am heading out to meet G. before going to the movies with my sister to watch New Moon....HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!
(Yep this is the bottle..)
Gotta head out now so I won't be late...until later darlings...and Happy Birthday to all you fellow birth friends out there....


Thursday, December 3, 2009

66 years

Had to take a break from work just to tell you that I met a lovely couple. They needed a belt for the husband and gloves for the wife. They are old but in love as newlyweds. When they finished their shopping I helped them with the door, they both have arthritis, and the wife stops at the door and looks at me. "We have been married for 66 years!", they both smile and walk away, leaving me speechless. When I finally got around to say something it was; "You made me so happy now, congrats!!" and they walked away....I hope I will be able to say that one day to someone...ok gotta head back to work, hope I made you smile :) Until later lovebirds


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My wish list

Ok so my birthday is in a couple of days and I am meeting some of my beloved friends tomorrow for dinner, on Saturday I am meeting other beloved friends for dinner and some drinks...also on Sunday (day of my birthday) I am meeting with my sweet sweet friend that I met in Law School..I told all of them I do not want any gifts so I hope they all listened...(NOT) no just kidding seriously *dramatic paus* naah just kidding..this is the first time I have really meant I do not wish anything for my birthday...I am too busy wishing for things like acceptance to law school, getting a good job, and publishing my books which makes all other material things not so very important. BUT one thing I do wish is one of these watches: (Check out at

I don't know which color I want though, they all look so nice. I love the chrono model, there are other colors as well and soo pretty!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! My mom told me to buy a pair of boots, her gift for me me old fashioned but I love to get surprised, unwrapping a gift is more exciting than the gift itself sometimes and getting it from someone instead of buying it myself hahaha...anyways, this "wishing" letter will be sent to Santa and maybe I will have a new watch for christmas!!! Please please Santa, I have been a good girl...I think ;P

Another thing I have wished for has been this kind of bracelet. I found it online a while ago but cannot find the exact one I saw. However, at the moment these bracelets are not worth the price...when I have the financial means to splurge on these things I will buy myself a bracelet like this

The black one as you can see, is called: Kidada for Disney Couture Wrap Bracelet, can be found at various websites such as The white one is Regencies Designer Jewelry and can be found at I love leather charm bracelets, especially wrap!! Great gift...While we are at what we wish for, of course any pair of Louboutins are HIGH up on my list!! (Would not reject these babel boots by Christian Louboutin) Many shoes, bags, accessories and so on are on my list but let's be realistic, unless I am done with law school and have a great job this will remain as my wish list...please accept me to law school so I can begin the road to hard work and hopefully success....pleeeaaase!!!! Ok, I am starting to lose it again so I better post this entry and head to bed so I can wake up early and again go look for boots for tomorrow..cutting it short I know haha but that is me! Who knows maybe this time desperation will allow me to find THE boots...doubt it haha! Until later darlings


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kick his ask

My new bodyguard these kids!!!

I'm gonna kick your ask...Until later darlings


The cupcake song

HAHAHAHAHAHA soo cute!!! He is just adorable, couldn't stop smiling the whole time....check him out!!

Adorable...And check the eyebrows at the end hahahahahaha!!!!! Until later cupcakes


Mission Impossible?

I usually do not like cats but this one is hilarious and cute, check the eyes *sigh* and let yourself get caught up in the theme song hihi...."Stealth Cat Mission Impossible"

Hope you laughed as much as I did..until later lovely creatures