Sunday, November 1, 2009

Where have I been?

Between my sister taking over my computer (even though hers is just laying there), and our relative from Switerland staying over, I have not been able to update my blog as much as I would have wanted. I have time now, my sister is sleeping and our guest is at my grandmother's house. Not much has passed here in Stockholm on my behalf. I have been to work and listened to my mother's nagging, and of course watched movies. I watched Nim's Island last night and I truly LOVE Gerard Butler. He is just the classic man who makes my heart melt!!

Lately I have been working with one of my best friends. His mother (my boss) is like a second/third mother to me haha. When I grew up we were 3 families where kids and parents are friends. I grew up as one of 2 girls in a group of 6 guys (before my sister was born because she is 12 years younger than me, and J's older sister was like a big sister to us all which means she would not "hang out" with us as much as take care of us haha). Our holidays would consist of me, single girl, and 4 guys. This can explain the reason why I was such a tomboy growing up and why I love to be surrounded by guys. I had to "man up" if I could be a part of the group. Today, after being apart from them for 5 years, we reconnected at work. Me and D. are the only ones born 1983 and middle children so when we grew up we would get all the shit that happened amongst the kids haha. We started talking and D. starts scratching himself on the side and his shirt slide up. I see something and storm at him. "PULL IT UP AND LEMME SEE!!" He looks at me in shock and wonders what the hell I am on about. "I said pull up your shirt and let me see your tattoo! So he pulls it up and on his left side (rib area) there is a short, large font, quote, which is very beautiful. I read and say; "aaawww, who would think you are so deep haha". He turns his other side and shows me another tattoo on the right side of his ribs, hands clasping in front of a cross with a rosary entwined. It was absolutely beautiful. As I am in aw of that tattoo he turns and pulls up his shirt over his head. On the whole of the back there is a tattoo of an angel. I was officially in shock and speechless (which does not happen often haha). He started talking about how he is thinking up a motif for a halfsleeve. I did not know what to say so all I say is; well, I have been thinking about getting a small cross of my left wrist, when I am in court I can hide it under a watch or something. He looks at me and says nothing for like 30 seconds. He then, very seriously, says; "Don't start. Once you starts it becomes and addiction, trust me! You know you should stop but you really cannot. You say, this is the last and so it continues on and on. Please do not start". I was thinking about what he said and it made sense. The people I know that have tattooes say they will stop after each one they get but after a couple of months they are thinking of a new one to get.

Tattooing is a beautiful artform but addicting with your body as permanent canvas. If you consider getting a tattoo make sure it means something you cannot live without. Something where you know you will never regret. When you look at it, it should make you feel great every time. I hope you will never get a tattoo and wonder why you got it in the first place. (The beautiful Megan Fox and one of her tattooes)

Until later art lovers


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  1. Sounds soon as my money arrives (damn you, CSN) I will finally get the three stars on my shoulder, just like the ones Sienna Miller has. Can't wait!