Friday, November 20, 2009


Today was the premiere of Twilight: New Moon in Sweden. I have seen the trailer and it looks great! I would not say no to a scene with a shirtless guy let alone a "pack" of guys without shirts haha...I have been watching Twilight over and over because it is playing on TV so I get to enjoy the teen romance and AMAZING music!!! I am so in love with the soundtrack and all the featured songs, I cannot wait to hear what music has been chosen for the new movie. Of course the frenzy of the cast is in full motion, it has been for some time now, and I must say I feel sorry for them. It cannot be easy to be followed wherever you go. I know they say that when you are a celebrity nothing is private which makes me say BULLSHIT! If it has anything to do with the movie or anything relevant to the job then fine, but they have every right to be left alone when they want to! Too many celebrities have gone down a lonely and dark path simply because their privace was robbed from them. If you are dedicated fans and really care for your rolemodels/idols then back off and respect their privacy. I think that as soon as people like Perez Hilton and gang start backing off a little, celebrities will open up a bit more rather than try to hide away from the public. Some celebrities need people like Perez, no need to name names haha, and to those I say; suit yourself when you see a picture in a magazine of you walking your dog without makeup, looking like any other Joe/Jane, you do not respect your own privacy so why would anyone else. There are plenty of celebs that manage to stay away from the spotlight whenever they want and those people are loved by many more than the people that chase the spotlight! Anyways, I wanted to get that off my chest because it has been bursting inside with all the articles like: Robert Pattinson does not want/dare to buy a house because he fears the address will be published and raided by fans, or articles about Kristen Stewart and the rumors about all the different male co-stars, talk about making her seem like a maneater. Focus on their jobs a little more and leave their private lives PRIVATE. *sigh* Ok, I think I know what I will focus on as an attorney, IF I get there haha. Also I found out that Rachelle Lefevre, Victoria in Twilight, was fired from Eclipse because some conflict in schedule (according to Summit Entertainment) which kind of sucks. She is Victoria and it will be odd to see someone else in the third movie instead of Rachelle (whose hair I am so jealous of haha...a very beautiful woman and amazing hair!!) Anyways, with this off my chest I will go to sleep and look forward a night with my sister and Transformers....Until later Movie fans
(Rachelle Lefevre, gorgeous woman)


  1. I agree with you, but the point is, why do we care? Why do we give a damn about what Robert Pattinson does in his free time? Can't we just watch the movie and appreciate his work and let that be it? I don't get it. I used to get it, but I don't anymore.
    PS. Just for your information, your hair looks exacty like that. Only it's black.

  2. I know!! We, the public, are the reason why this celeb hunt is as hungry as it is..that is why we need to back off and soon the "media" will know what is important, the WORK and NOT who they sleep with, or eat, or how they take a shit!! They are just like you and me except their jobs are sooo much FUN!!! Thank you for saying that about my hair but it is not quite as thick as Rachelle's hihi, I lost most of it after the surgery but still happy with what is on top of my head hahaha...lots of love darling