Wednesday, November 4, 2009

so disappointing

I tried, Lord knows I tried but I could not even finish watching halfway through Watchmen. I know the reviews were bad but usually what critics do not like I do. This time I was on the same side as the critics. I do not know exactly what was so bad about the movie but I could not finish it! I am a person who can watch almost any movie, once it is on I get sucked in to the story. There has only been one time where I walked out of the movies, when I went to see Alexander The Great...OH MY GOD soo bad!!! Watchmen is the first movie I watch on that I turn off before the end. I really tried but I could no longer bear it!! I was really disappointed because I had looked forward to seeing this movie for a really long time but I guess I was expecting too much! I rate it 1/5 R's (I am being generous)..As I was watching I was slowly dying inside haha so I chose to watch Four Christmases instead. So far Vince Vaughn is succeeding with his goal, make me laugh haha...I should go back to the movie...until later darlings


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  1. I haven't seen it, but pretty much everyone told me that Watchmen sucked. And Alexander the great was really awful, but only because I get bored and disgusted with war scenes and, come on, Colin Farrell? Really? I have to see Four Christmases, it seems really funny and sweet.