Monday, November 2, 2009

Plastic not so fantastic

I read this article in a swedish newspaper and it just appalled me. This plastic surgeon in Germany reconstructed his wife. The reason was because he did not like her body. He claimed that when they were dating he did not find her very attractive but married her because of her potential. What he means with potential is how her body will respond to surgery. Not only is he proud over the fact that he feels like God. He keeps comparing his abiblity to change people to God. Where do you come off?!! You are nothing but a simple and disturbed man! I was just disgusted of this aweful man but his wife was no better. She says "that when your husband is a plastic surgeon the knife is your best friend". Uhm ok! You are just a tad slow and no dignity whatsoever. I understand if you are not happy with some part of your body and you want to change it so be it but it should be for your own sake, not because some sad man wants to change you. If you are not the least attracted to someone do not get involve but keep looking for someone you are attracted to. But I guess they are a good match, she got a free surgical makeover and he got a barbie after his personal wishes. Good luck to both of you sad sad people!
I am going to get ready because I am meeting C. for some hot coco and chit chat...until later lovelies


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