Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh Lala

I forgot to mention in my last entry what I got from my group leader after the concert, a pretty flower and a card where it states that UNICEF has donated 30 jump ropes in my name. It is a small but nonetheless important gift..Also it is a good idea for x-mas, so my friends might expect something like that from me hihi.
Anyways, changing the topic, after my appointment this morning I walked around waiting for my dad to come pick me up. I walked around the mall looking for boots, no luck again, when I heard a girl call for her friend, she called out Lala...Now, I want to know who in their right mind think to name their child Lala? When I hear something like that I think the parents lack serious imagination. Were they looking at the child after the birth saying; what should we name her? Oh I dunno, how does Samantha sound, or Jane,Rachel,Anne,Krista,Izabella, lalala..YES THAT IS IT!!!! We shall name her LALA! I think of lala when someone is trying to tell a long story quickly and do not have the effort to tell all the details...for example; "I was walking with Hanna and we saw Steve so we stopped to talk to him...Hanna and Steve started talking know and then we said bye and walked home"...That is a way to use lala not "Hi, my name is Lala"...or even better use of it is "I am from lala land" because we all know it means H-wood!! I think that Lala as a name strikes me as empty (in many ways if you know what I mean haha). Lala would have issues carrying a conversation with my sister because all she says is lalala this and lalala that..poor girl would think my sister is calling her name over and over again...(Maybe this is a Lala hihi)

Anyways, hope all you Lalas out there will not get aggrivated with me but just speaking my mind hihi...There are many names that make us wonder what people were thinking when naming their child, Apple is one that comes to mind...poor Orange will be jealous...Oh, I should stop bashing other peoples preferences in names, we all have different likes and dislikes...So, until later sweethearts



  1. OMG! Woman you need help! stop bashing on them...someone's gonna get hate mail! Muahahaha just joking! Member that Lala in our class? The hundred Lala's in all of our classes? hihihihihi (Joey style ;) )


  2. S: hahaha I thought it was someone who was serious hahaha...yea I remember them all!! I just think it is interesting...btw ur comment just went through!!! Finally! Unless you only made up the whole "I can't leave a comment bla bla bla" jk....say hello 2 all from me