Saturday, November 14, 2009


(This is what was all over town, the blue Jimmy Choo bag with something exciting inside)

Walking as a grey cloud amidst the colorful sky one can say I stood out in the crowd on the hunt of Jimmy Choo for H&M. I left my house in a hurry to try to get my hands on one pair of shoes I have adored for over a year now. It was not until I saw the commercial for Jimmy Choo for H&M I noticed a replica of the shoes I wanted. The leather is not quite the same and the details are a tad different but all in all they look almost the same. I went to one of the stores by my house and was told to wait 3 hours before they would let the next group of people in, I felt it was not worth it to wait but instead I took my sulky self and left the store. But no rain on my parade, as I was walking I was thinking to myself that one day I would be a proud owner of Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Cesare Paciotti, Manolo Blahnik, and so many more (that is when I am done with school haha). I did not think I was going to be downtown for long so I did not really fix myself up if you know what I mean. The pain took over and I had no motivation to dress up and get my makeup done like the rest of the women, and some men. Without my heels I tried to be as invisible as possible and before I knew it I found myself outside another H&M (we have lots of stores in Stockholm, which is no surprise considering the store is Swedish), this was the store where I volunteered for UNICEF the day I met the Hello Kitty lady. Anyways, I thought I should try my luck and headed up to the secluded Jimmy Choo area. I was told to wait in line and as soon as the group in the area were done it would be my turn. I waited for about 20 mins (while writing down this entry on my blackberry), holding my breath..."please please please have my size, please please please have my shoes.." and before I knew it I was inside, looking for my heels. I asked a lady who said they might be out then she turned around and checked under some boxes and LO AND BEHOLD there they were!!!! My beloved shoes!! I was holdning my breath for my size and when she handed me the shoes I felt like it was too good to be true..I tried the shoes on and they fit!! So I proudly walked out and I am proud owner of a pair of Jimmy Choo designed shoes! YEAY!! My mood instantly picked up and I headed out, in the rain I might add, and tried on some garments at MANGO but left with only my heels, very happy. I came home and my mother thought I was crazy, looking for summer shoes in winter time. I have no winter shoes and have not been able to find any that I really care for (and can afford with no salary haha)..But it is interesting though that in a country like Sweden, winter land, the selection of nice winter boots are not as large as I would have hoped. Maybe it is because I am picky or just because everything looks the same!! I look at people and they all look the same, it is hard to tell some apart simply because there is no individual style..I guess I have been spoiled in LA because one can find different styles in different areas but here in Stockholm wherever you go I feel people look the same..I do not like to go to the commercial stores because I will know that in the end I will look just like the people here and just blend in with the rest..ugh no sense of individuality whatsoever...Well, mother calls my shoes military and was not too fond of them. I showed her the original shoes and she was like OMG they are so nice!!! I look at her and I was like uhm madre, the only difference is the details, no biggy!!! She sighed and walked away...Oh well, smaken är som baken, delad (means the taste is like the butt, divided..a Swedish saying)..Until later darlings
(not as pretty as the original shoes but then again not the same price either so it is worth it!!)

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