Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hello Kitty

Today was eventful..I woke up at 7 am (fell asleep around 4 am) and got ready to meet my UNICEF group. There was an event for children and 20% off at all the products in the store (H&M). We set up some tables with Hello Kitty cupcakes and other goodies as well spending an hour blowing up balloons, at the end of that hour I felt pretty light headed hahaha...Me and another group member chose to be the greeters and checking the guest list (yes there was a guest list haha)..There was a woman who wore the Hello Kitty mascot suit and walked around the store greeting all the children...There was a group of Japanese people coming in and we had to keep an eye open for them, I had no idea why it was so important but I found out pretty soon. I greet a young woman, man and an older man (all Japanese) and this interesting looking woman walks in, she has two high ponytails on each side of the head haha, orange hair, with a blue bow (looked very anime), along with them they had 2 Italian men (had no idea who they were). When they left we bid them goodbye and the interesting looking lady half turns and looks at me, half smiles and slightly nods her head (looked really sneaky haha) and I returned the gesture the same way. We looked really odd but not in a evil way, more animated haha...she just had this thing about her. As the day ended (around noon) we packed up and left. I found out that the interesting looking lady was no other than the second chief designer of Hello Kitty!!! She looked really anime. I am not the biggest fan of Hello Kitty (not at all) but she is a mega hit all over the world and I think it is very nice that I met a woman so successful and humble, it made my day, and all this while doing charity work! It cannot get better than this.
(This is the woman I met,Setsuko Yonekubo. She is the second chief designer of Hello Kitty)

Our next upcoming event is a concert with some of Sweden's finest artists, November 16th...If any of you are in Stockholm that day please buy tickets (can be found at and come over to Hedvig Eleonora Kyrka and help out UNICEF!!!

My comp battery is dying so I need to end this entry but I will write more about the upcoming events we have and also show off the shirts we got today from UNICEF to show we are a part of the group....can you tell I am excited ahahah....until later darlings


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  1. I'm still mad at you for not bringing cupcakes for me DDD8 U know i love HK :C