Friday, November 13, 2009

Happy birthday!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELOVED SISTER!!! You are now 14 years old, now we can call you a fjortis!! I am sorry if you felt your birthday passed not too celebrated but just know that we love you and wish you much joy, love, success, and happiness in life. May you live for more than 100 years haha...We are gonna go out and eat and then I will take you to the movies on Sunday so we can celebrate it then...You are now complaining about wanting the computer back yet you are sleeping haha so before I wake you I will finish this entry...

I heard something sad on the news today...I absolutely love dolphins, always have and always will. I have boycotted tuna simply because of the fact that there may be dolphins mixed in with the tuna...I saw that in Japan they have discovered fishermen slaughtering dolphins..the images were horrible and most of the water was colored red from the blood. The excuse they used was that the dolphins eat up all the fish in the sea..WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Of course they will eat the fish!! it is their food!!! Do you want them to start eating you instead, I know I would not mind it one bit!! heartless assholes!! They need to be punished!! This should not pass without punishment!! Where are all the Hayden Panettiere of the world? We need to end this slaughter NOW!!!!

Ok, D just woke up and is kicking me to give her MY computer so until later darlings and help out with the battle against morons like these in Japan...


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