Monday, November 16, 2009


I am home and EXHAUSTED!!! UNICEF (where I am a volunteer) just had a charity concert and it was amazing! I met so many people and we had so much fun...I love the artists that performed and the songs were all familiar so the experience was priceless...I also had the "privilege" to act as a roadie and OH MY GOD!!! Bless your hearts for doing what you do because IT IS HARD WORK!!!! I came home all sweaty and sore haha. It was some heavy stuff, to say the least. Here are some of the performers from the UNICEF concert at Hedvig Eleonora Kyrkan (the church where the concert took place);

(Besides being a singer, Myrra Malmberg is mostly known from the musical world as, Kristine from Phantom of the Operah, as well as Disney voice-over in Sweden. She is the one who arranged this concert with UNICEF. Very nice woman and AMAZING voice)

(Many of you will know Emilia as the girl who had the hit song "Big Big World" and she was as bubbly and cute as ever)

(Andreas Lundstedt is one third, used to be one fourth, of the famous group Alcazar. He is an amazing performer and is also a UNICEF ambassador. He has an amazing voice and energy. He does whatever he can to entertain his audience...just amazing...and very cute too haha)

(This group was the final act of the concert as many of the girls in the audience were there to see them. The three guys met during Swedish Idol aBoldnd formed a very successful group; EMD, which stands for Erik, Mattias, and Danny. They are wonderful singers, but to be honest, before I came home to Sweden I did not know much about this group. I know now that they sound amazing.)

The blonde of the EMD group, Danny, was walking around the church and came to the UNICEF corner where I was standing. When I saw him I thought to myself, wow what a handsome man and very well dressed, which is important to me haha. After a closer look, from the corner of my eye haha, I noticed he was a part of the group. He came next to me and stood there while listening to the wonderful choir that were singing. He walked around some more before heading up to the VIP area. All I could think was; many girls would be jealous of me right now haha too bad I am not really a fan, instead I just enjoyed the concert!! But I have to say that he looks better in person than what I have seen in pictures and TV..which says a lot!

Tomorrow I have an early appointment and need to hit the sack now so until later darlings.I will leave you with this though; if you have the possibility to lend a helping hand in any charity I ask that you help out because anything offered is needed. As they said today during the concert; one person cannot do everything, but everyone can do something!! So do something!!


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