Thursday, October 8, 2009


I am so excited!!!! I am going to my first UNICEF volunteer meeting today. I am dragging my sister D. with me because I want her to see what is going on out there and that she can help in other ways than to just send in money. I respect people that are members and donate a certain amount of money, it is needed, but since I don't have a dime to spare (because I do not have a dime at all haha) I think it is better to actually get in the whole process and know where all the money is actually going. There are several events coming up and the first ones are attending a gala for the children in need (tickets are given to first come first serve, and since I have just started I did not even opt to get them because I feel that people that are more active should have the right to get them) and then we are going to IKEA and just stand there in case someone wants to learn about the projects UNICEF does and how we help the kids all around the world. I am so proud to be a part of this team and hopefully I will be able to be active and raise awareness and money to help the children all over the world. I think you should go to their website and maybe see how you can help, there are most likely teams in your area as well. Look them up and join if you have the time and means, it won't hurt but rather add to your experiences. If you do not have UNICEF anywhere near your area check out other organizations that need volunteers because they are needed and if we don't take care of our society and world then who will? At least if we help we will know where all the money, help and so on goes. Instead of sitting at home and watching the people in need on the TV, and think aawww how sad, we can put that energy into actually make a change. It may be a small change but nevertheless it is a change. I can almost guarantee that you will feel better after your first event with your organization. Thinking of the people in need is great but doing is priceless...I will leave you with that and hope to see more people involved!! I am even thinking about starting something for the kids here, kids on the streets that cannot afford after-school activities, but I am still in the plan process. When I have figured out on how to go about things I will let you know about my whole idea. I hope it will work out, but for now I am lending a helping hand to those that need it! Until later lovelies


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