Saturday, October 24, 2009

Time for tests

When it is time for test taking I am usually one of the students taking the test, today was different. I was proctoring Högskoleprovet (Swedens version of the SAT). It was a little confusing at first but after doing the same thing 5 times over I got the hang of it. I know how teachers feel when students is embarrassing! I had one guy who came too late (I went over all the guidelines which took like 20 mins and then he walks in)...I could tell he was going to be trouble! He tried to cheat soo many times and he is NOT discreet at all! I had enough in the end and warned the whole class that if I catch anyone even glance off their paper I will write them up and it will affect their record, also the test will tossed. I did not see him even attempt to look at the people around him! They were really sweet students and I felt so bad when I was looking at them taking the test and one student actually kept pulling his hair, looking so confused. I wish the best to all the people that took the test!!! I am exausted because I went out with C. last night and before I knew it I was gone (she made me drink 8 glasses of wine). I fell asleep as soon as I came home and had to wake up at 6 am..Let me tell you that the morning was HORRIBLE!! I came home after the 9 hours I was working and took a nap (I never take naps unless I am getting sick) and now food awaits me!! Until later darlings
(the guy literally looked like this haha)

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