Monday, October 19, 2009


The past days have been spent in front of my computer watching movies I have wanted to see for a really long time but never got around of actually doing. I went on and watched The Proposal, The Ugly Truth, and Confessions of a Shopaholic (actually I am in the middle of the movie haha)...

I can start off with The Proposal. Can I just say OH MY GOD! IT IS FUNNY!!! I would definitely rate it 5/5 R's!! I fell in love with the bitchy boss whose heart melted after spending a weekend with her assistants nutty family in Alaska. Sandra Bullock is her funny and glorious self and Ryan Reynolds is of course as gorgeous and WITTY as can be. The chemistry and the comedic timing in the movie is what makes it a wonderful flick to catch. Ryan levels out the uber-girly movie it could have been with his witty comments (specially loved the line "congratulations, I am 100 years old" haha) and how can one forget the scene with both naked actors run in to each other...CLASSIC!! Betty White makes us forget her silly self in the Golden Girls yet is still remarkably odd and oh so lovable. I have nothing negative to say but rave about the obvious brilliance. I know many of you will probably think that there is nothing special about this movie, it is a typical Hollywood flick with no depth but guess what...I say, we watch movies to get AWAY from reality!!! We want to see hopeless characters make fools of themselves throughout the movie, we want the main character to fall in love and get hurt, only to get what they want in the end!! We want to escape all the black and evil in our take a break from our own problems and laugh at someone elses!!! So I say, enough with the badgering of predictable Hollywood movies, let your guard down and allow yourself to laugh...even if you may seem a little crazy haha..I know I do hehe..If you have not seen The Proposal yet I suggest you drop whatever you are doing at the moment and rent it, buy it, download it, or whatever you do and just WATCH IT! I know that I am buying the DVD because it is a perfect "stay at home on a rainy day and get comfy" movie!!

On to The Ugly Truth. Need I say that the OH SO HOT Gerald Butler and beautiful Katherine Heigl just knock it out of the ballpark. It was not as laugh out loud like The Proposal but it did make me laugh as well as absorbe what the characters are trying to convey. I think many can relate to both Gerald and Katherine's characters when it comes to love...Mike (Gerald) is a "typical" player with a hidden soft heart, beating hard to get through the rough exterior. Abby (Katherine) is a woman who believes in love but with no luck, until macho Mike turns her in to a female version of himself. Only when she becomes sensual, submissive, and a subtle freak, can she "land" the man of her dreams...but is that the right guy for her? I love how Mike makes her realize that she has the perfect guy she has been looking for but how did she get him? Was he dating the real Abby? Nope...It is a sweet movie and I highly recommend it!!! For all the people that think it sounds mushy I say, watch it if only to see Kathering have a When Sally Met Harry moment at the word HILARIOUS!!!! It is going to the books I can tell you!! This movie will get 4/5 R's..

Now I will return to the wonderful Isla Fisher (loved her in Enchanted) and The Confessions of a Shopaholic!! Tomorrow I am watching The Hangover..soo excited!! Until later movie lovers..


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  1. Hej. Tack så mkt för de fina orden du skrev om Almost Famous. Vad roligt att du gillar den lika mycket som undertecknad. (Eller ja, nästan) :)