Thursday, October 1, 2009

Laugh Out Loud

Lying in bed, listening to my stomach bubble and feeling the sharp pain on the right side, I choose not to pity myself but cheer up a little. A couple of days ago, I watched an episode of Oprah (yea yea whatever, I was bored all right), this episode was about 3 of my favorite comedians, Dane Cook (love that son of a...), Mo'Nique (one hilarious but crazy woman!!), and last but NOT least, George Lopez (I just don't know what to say). Oprah mentioned George Lopez new tour so I thought why not check it out on youtube. The Oprah episode was hilarious I might add, between Mo'Nique trying to sell her perfume by free PR from Oprah, to Cook talking about ISolated INcident, to Lopez talking about how his grandmother did not let them have the lights on when going to sleep, I was almost falling off my chair. The only thing stopping me from falling off was the knowledge of how cold the darn thing is now as we approach winter...Anyways, I type George Lopez-Tall, Dark, and Chicano! and there they are, all 9 parts..You know how they say that laughter gives you a longer life..well, after watching that show, if it is true, I should live a really LOOOONG life!! I cracked up so much that my dog and mother came in to the room and stared at me as if I had lost my mind. My mom even asked me if I still had the fever and if she should take me to the ER..Nala looked at me and went straight to bed, as if to say, "oh here we go again, nutcase is going at it again. Why oh why am I stuck with her? Talk about punishment!" I could swear I saw her shake her head at me, or maybe I was just delusional from the flu hahaha...anyways, Eva Longoria introduced him and as they started playing the intro and George Lopez walked toward the stage, I got goosebumps and I knew this was gonna be a killer show!! I was right!! Thank you to all the comedians out there that take their time to make other people laugh their butts off in rough times as these. For an hour and a half, I forgot all the trouble I have, all my pain, and just went with it...I cannot wait for more spectacular shows like this from great comedians to watch! If you want to take a break from all the crap in your life take my advice and go to and check out different comedians, famous and not so famous, and just go with it, IT'S FOR FREEEEE haha. Laugh out loud, no matter how foolish you may sound or look. Let your guard down and enjoy...Until later lovers of life
(The new tour is called, Tall, Dark, and Chicano...check it out)


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