Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's all about the Cougar

S. told me about Courteney Cox's new series, Cougar Town, so I decided to check it out. Courteney gives the performance we all have missed since Monica in Friends. S. said that when she saw the show she could totally see me like that in the future (minus the divorce, single mama, and the extreme desperation haha).
I love Jules Cobb (Courteney Cox), her neighbor Ellie (Christa Miller, also known as Cox's wife in Scrubs), Ellies husband; Andy (Ian Gomez, known from The Drew Carey Show), Laurie (Busy Philipps known from Love Inc), and the very hilarious son who actually surprised me, Travis (Dan Byrd, known from Aliens in America), Jules other neighbor Grayson (Josh Hopkins, known from Ally McBeal), and last the ex-husband Bobby (Brian Van Holt, known from Black Hawk Down). These shows and movies are just examples since I am not reviewing their careers haha. All these are familiar faces and their comedic timing is flawless (according to me that is haha). The show depicts a woman's point of view when in a relationship with a younger man, and all the crazy haha. You should watch the show and I think you'll enjoy it. I know I can't wait for another episode to air. Last night I sat alone in the kitchen watching the show at 2 am, trying so hard to suppress my laughter, which did not always work! The cast has great dynamic and it is very entertaining, it will not disappoint you!

Right now I hear Nala chewing on something so I better check it out before any damage is done....Until later darlings


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