Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I hope I hope

On Monday I got an interesting phonecall. This man, from southern Sweden (love their accents haha), calls and wants to meet me for a potential client. No I am not talking about pimping me out haha, he works for a company that recruits unemployed for various companies. There is one company he thought I would be great for. He calls me and wants a bunch of paperwork from the States by the next day. What does he think I am, superwoman? So, I start emailing the people I need my papers from and of course I do not get a reply! We set the meeting at 4 pm Tuesday. I wake up early get ready, take Nala out and head out to the library to print some papers (our printer is out of order). I am supposed to get on the bus to take the subway at 3 pm. I get a new library card and print my papers (after failing several times!!). I head out to the busstop and wait, like 30 seconds. Usually I would take the subway straight to my destination but they are building new tracks for a train or something, not really interested, so we have to take detours. I get on the bus at 2.15 pm and arrive at my destination for the subway at 2.45 pm. I have never been to the place where the meeting is so I am happy I have a lot of time at hand. I get to the subway, check which train to take and go down. I wait 2 minutes and my train arrives. My stop is the station after the one I got on (oh no). I get off and walk aimlessly, I have no idea which side to go up so, I guess. I walk and just guess which streets to take. Finally I come to a place where the road takes me to 3 different places. I walk up and ask a woman if she knows the street and she laughs and starts speaking, she is also from the south and has only been in Stockholm a couple of times. I walk away slightly blushing but continue asking some people at a busstop. I ask a man, who at a closer range looks like an alcoholic who in turn asks a woman, where a third woman answers. She points me in the direction I was headed and off I went. I walked for a minute or so before I arrive. I walk in, shaking from the cold weather outside, walk up to the frontdesk.

Me: "Hi, I am here to see H.C"
Lady: "Oh yes, fill this out please and when did you say your meeting was?"
Me: "At 4 pm"
Lady: "Oh, ok....oh wow, you are an hour too early! Well, can I take your picture for work purposes?"
Me: "Uhm, yea sure go ahead"

I wait for an hour, watching people walk in and walk out. I look out the window and see two birds. One of them starts hacking in to a McDonalds bag, pulling out papers and straw until it reached the food. They both started gulping down burgers and fries. The whole scene made me smile and think about how even animals have gotten addicted to fast food!
Finally it was 4 pm. Ten minutes later H.C comes out and starts talking to a woman, thinking she is me. Best part; she does not correct him! WTF!!! The lady by the frontdesk tells him I am his client. It turns out that the other woman knows his brother and they start talking. HELLO I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR AN ENTIRE HOUR SO PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ME WAIT ANY LONGER!!!!! Finally he comes up to me, after I stood up and sat back down again. The interview could begin. When we were done he thought I was a really good candidate for the job and as soon as the company gets an ok to hire someone new from the board they will call me for another interview. I am hoping for the best but all I can say is that I walked out with my head held high and felt really good about my performance. I came home late and tired but very pleased!! Lets hope for the best..
(funny dude)

Now, I am headed to the library to find a better way to make the day pass. Love me some good literature haha. Until later darlings


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