Sunday, October 11, 2009


Today has been cold and raining which means great weather to stay in and watch one show after another. I discovered Glee (has not aired in Sweden yet) and was taken aback by the cast's talent. They are really good, both singing and dancing. I love a movie or a show that incorporates music but not in a cheesy way (you know instead of talking they sing, even though some of them can be good like RENT). This show is about a Spanish teacher at a high school that wants to bring back the fame of the Glee club. He has a handful of very talented students, the drama queen, who wants to be the star of the show (she has an AMAZING voice), the hot quarterback who discovers his passion for performance, the broadway guy (with all of the glitz and glam), the guy in a wheelchair but with an awesome voice and guitarr talent, the asian girl who stutters, and the Diva, with a great pair of lungs (boy, can that girl SING). All of these (except the jock) are the outcast. Together they start the recruitment of more students, where they get the head cheerleader and her two friends to join and a couple of jocks. The show is about how they try to keep the club going and making it to regionals (so far). Of course you have to have the antagonist, who is the coach of the Cheerios (cheerleading squad) and she is a real nut,there is the neurotic counselor, who reminds me of one of my teachers at CSUN, a woman who is SCARED of germs, does not touch anything or anyone without whiping it first. The songs are a mixture of rap, old school, RnB, musicals and so on. They use present hits, put their own touch to it, and voila, a great show. If you are a person who loves to listen to music and enjoy comedy, I would suggest you check out GLEE. The first episodes made me wonder if it was gonna be worth watching but by the latest episode I caught myself checking out when to expect the next episode. I am probably hooked! They have had a couple of guest stars such as Josh Groban (he does not sing though) and Kristin Chenoweth (Olive in Pushing Daisies), and can this woman carry a tune!
All I have left to say is check it out and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I have...

Until later life performers...


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