Thursday, October 8, 2009


After my first meeting with the Stockholm UNICEF volunteer group, I must say it was disappointing! The two women in charge of the group where not organized at all. They seemed a bit flimsy and the meeting did not come off as serious but as a way for people to meet, eat, and spend time instead of sitting at home. The ideas of ways to raise money for the organization were old and, according to me, outdated. The girls, I will call them the 2 J's, did not have the information organized and while they were speaking they lost my attention several times, especially when one of them kept losing herself in her speech. I feel that they do not act as people that are in charge one bit! Then there was also the factor of 2-3 people that annoyed me to bits. One looked like she was 12 years old but you could tell she was an active member since a long way back, problem was that she just would not SHUT UP! another was her friend and she would whisper throughout the entire meeting with the other girl. When we were discussing a concert that is going to be organized in November there is a Swedish band that might appear, when the 2 J's reluctantly said they might show up the whisper girl almost wet her pants! She was beside herself! This makes me wonder what she will do if the band does show up and she is going to volunteer that night!! CHAOS!! Then there was the third person, old woman who thinks she knows it ALL!! Funny thing was that all three sat next to me, lucky me!!! The woman would interrupt the 2 J's while they were presenting and putting her 2 cents in EVERYTHING said!!! Of course as clueless as the 2 J's were they would listen to EVERYTHING the old woman was saying and said themselves; that is such a wonderful idea!!!! Blew my socks right off! The ideas are old and in no sense original. Maybe I went in to that meeting expecting too much but to say the least I was very disappointed!!! They have an event coming up this Saturday and haven't handed out any flyers or information..WTF!! Stuff like that should be out at least a week a head. Oh well, I will help out whenever I can, with whatever I can. Now I am going to watch a new episode of Bones before taking Nala out. Until later sweet people


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