Tuesday, October 27, 2009

cold nights require entertainment

I am going to work tomorrow again but it feels ok considering I get out of the house and get to meet people. It has been getting really cold these past days so I have been couped up in the apartment and enjoyed watching movies (even though I should be working on my Law School applications haha). I watched PAUL BLART Mall Cop with Kevin James and I loved the movie..I have always loved Kevin James (many of you will know him as the awkward Albert in Hitch)...he is hilarious and doesn't have to do much but he still makes me crack up! It is such a sweet and funny movie that I would recommend to all of you to see if you haven't yet...I would rate it 3.5/5 R's!
I also watched Fired Up, which was HILARIOUS!! Simply because the guys were being such guys and the lines were given perfectly! They were very witty and epic. The movie is a typical guys wanna score with as many girls as possible so join the cheerleading squad and go to camp...IT'S A PARTY!! Of course they "fall in love" and it is predictable but they lines will make you crack up...Check it out if you have nothing else to do because it is worth it! I would rate it 4/5 R's just because of the quick and witty lines!! Pure entertainment (both of them!)...I should head to bed because I have to get up early and find boots because I can no longer wear my flats and sneakers or open toe heels haha...until later darlings


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