Sunday, October 18, 2009


I stare out the window and I see sad eyes. I look closely and realize they are mine. I look past the glass and see a father with his child in the buildning across the street, a little girl chasing a red balloon, a teenage boy sitting in front of his computer. I wonder what story they have to tell. Everything looks so serene but only because I am protected behind my window. The world is shut out and all I can do is wonder. I see the teenage boy sitting in front of the computer every day, I tell my mother about him. She says "his little sister was your sister's friend, and he is known in Sweden for raising awareness against street violence after one of his friends passed away from getting abused leaving a house party". I look at this teenage boy and it makes me understand that it does not take much to make a change. There is so much evil out in the world, in different shapes, colors and sizes. I wanted to raise awareness about one of the most vicious things out there; cancer. I want you to notice the gadget on the left side, click. In one way or another you make your own contribution by just adding this feature to your blog, twitter, FB page, or anything in the likes. I hope this step can lead too great changes! One step at a time!! Until later people...


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