Thursday, October 29, 2009

Don't know what to say

I don't know what to say about this...just amazing!!! Bear in mind that the vocals are all by made ONE guy...there is another who does the beatboxing cool...check out more of his videos...

enjoy darlings..until later


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I love music as most of you probably know. I don't have preferences, I am not big on house, techno, heavy metal but I like almost all kinds of music. I love the 80's and I wanted to share a VERY small selection of good 80's rock music!! I hope you guys listen and remember the good ol' days, for you who don't have any memories I hope you can create some with this music!! Enjoy ladies and gentlemen!!

"Pour Some Sugar On Me" by Def Leppard is EPIC!! Love the drummer!!!

"Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake is just amazing and also featured in Fired Up!

"You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands...I love their music and they are really cool...I remember going in to a random bar on Sunset. I stood by the bar when I feel someone lean on me while talking to someone. I look around and see that there is plenty of space, so I turn around to look at the person leaning on me...who do I see??? Richie Sambora talking to Jon Bon Jovi!!! WTF!!! He looks at me smiles, and appologizes and in my head I am like NO DUDE YOU CAN STAY THERE AS LONG AS YOU WANT! He asked if I was having a good time and I smile foolishly (I rarely get starstruck but it was effing Bon Jovi!) and say yes...My friends do not realize who they are and pull me away. Both guys smile and say bye...All I could think about was how big Jon's head is!! It really is hahaha...a memory that will last a life time! Their concert was one of the best I had been to..ever!! anyways...enjoy the music, it is EPIC!! until later


cold nights require entertainment

I am going to work tomorrow again but it feels ok considering I get out of the house and get to meet people. It has been getting really cold these past days so I have been couped up in the apartment and enjoyed watching movies (even though I should be working on my Law School applications haha). I watched PAUL BLART Mall Cop with Kevin James and I loved the movie..I have always loved Kevin James (many of you will know him as the awkward Albert in Hitch)...he is hilarious and doesn't have to do much but he still makes me crack up! It is such a sweet and funny movie that I would recommend to all of you to see if you haven't yet...I would rate it 3.5/5 R's!
I also watched Fired Up, which was HILARIOUS!! Simply because the guys were being such guys and the lines were given perfectly! They were very witty and epic. The movie is a typical guys wanna score with as many girls as possible so join the cheerleading squad and go to camp...IT'S A PARTY!! Of course they "fall in love" and it is predictable but they lines will make you crack up...Check it out if you have nothing else to do because it is worth it! I would rate it 4/5 R's just because of the quick and witty lines!! Pure entertainment (both of them!)...I should head to bed because I have to get up early and find boots because I can no longer wear my flats and sneakers or open toe heels haha...until later darlings


Monday, October 26, 2009

lala rara...

This is for you H. since you like the beginning and requested it! I hope you like what you hear haha...It took me some time to actually listen to this song from beginning to end, but it is not too bad! Lady Gaga "Bad Romance"

Until later darlings


Fall is here

Now that we went back an hour I feel so good waking up early! I looked out the window and saw colors all over! The leaves are either orange or yellow or green and it is beautiful. I took a shower, after answering to A's emails (which I love to get so keep sending), and decided to take a picture so you can see what I see when I look out my window....

Of course the colors are more vibrant than shown in the picture but you can try to imagine that when looking at the trees it is almost illuminating...The different colors together are just beautiful and enchanting...hope you like what you see...Until later darlings


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Time for tests

When it is time for test taking I am usually one of the students taking the test, today was different. I was proctoring Högskoleprovet (Swedens version of the SAT). It was a little confusing at first but after doing the same thing 5 times over I got the hang of it. I know how teachers feel when students is embarrassing! I had one guy who came too late (I went over all the guidelines which took like 20 mins and then he walks in)...I could tell he was going to be trouble! He tried to cheat soo many times and he is NOT discreet at all! I had enough in the end and warned the whole class that if I catch anyone even glance off their paper I will write them up and it will affect their record, also the test will tossed. I did not see him even attempt to look at the people around him! They were really sweet students and I felt so bad when I was looking at them taking the test and one student actually kept pulling his hair, looking so confused. I wish the best to all the people that took the test!!! I am exausted because I went out with C. last night and before I knew it I was gone (she made me drink 8 glasses of wine). I fell asleep as soon as I came home and had to wake up at 6 am..Let me tell you that the morning was HORRIBLE!! I came home after the 9 hours I was working and took a nap (I never take naps unless I am getting sick) and now food awaits me!! Until later darlings
(the guy literally looked like this haha)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

knock knock...WTF!

OMG!! Laughed my ass off when I read is klockrent as we say in Sweden!! Priceless..I wish Halloween was as celebrated here as it is in the this

"I grew up in a college town, and one Halloween our doorbell rang and we opened the door expecting to see trickortreater—but what was in front of our open door—was another door! Like, a full-on wooden door, that had a sign that said “Please knock.” So we did, and the door swung open to reveal a bunch of college dudes dressed as really old grandmothers, curlers in their hair, etc, who proceeded to coo over our “costumes” and tell us we were “such cute trick or treaters!” One even pinched my cheek. Then THEY gave US candy, closed their door, picked it up and walked to the next house. MLIA"....MLIA stands for my life is average, which is the
(you think it might have looked like this?)

Just epic...thank you H. for sending it to me on love love!!!! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did..until later darlings


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

He is back

New song by love love..enjoy and until later


back to 1999

(Akon feat Keri Hilson "Change Me")

I got a phone call today from my old boss asking me to help out at the shop because her son was getting sick. I reluctantly said yes because I know she wants me to stay there indefinitely and lord knows I went through hell just to get out. I told her I could help out every once in a while and leave an hour before they close. She looked at me and hesitantly accepted. She asked me why I could only work part time..I kindly told her I need to be home and make phone calls to the States at certain hours and work on my Law School applications, so she says....well, I will buy you a phonecard and we have a computer so you can do all that here in the shop...FUCK!!! I'M GONNA GET STUCK AGAIN!! Right before I get ready to leave one of my old regulars walks through the door. She is a lawyer and I LOVE HER!! She is a power woman yet very very elegant and someone I have looked up to since I was 16 years old....I start telling her what I have been up to the past couple of years and she totally understood me. I explained that people in Sweden do not understand I can work as a paralegal which leaves me applying for jobs like receptionist and assistant...which sucks because they only require High School diploma! I really hope I will get accepted to Law School for fall 2010 and get one step closer to my dream!! Anyways, she said that she would love to hire me but they are not offering any positions at her company but before she left she said she was going to look around and check for me...FINGERS CROSSED...MY DRY SPELL (in life haha) HAS TO END!!!! I left work and headed out to the mall (was supposed to meet up with a dear friend but because of my sudden change of plans I did not have time to meet her...ehem bitter? who me?! DUH). After a long day my feet were aching so I went home and started watching some movies.. again...

Yesterday I watched The Hangover and I was kind of disappointed. I expected to laugh my ass off but it was not as funny as the trailer showed. It was a fun movie with crazy shit happening (Alan..COME ON DUDE) but not enough I guess...I would rate it a 3/5 R's...unfortunately!! I had really looked forward to seeing that movie but my expectations were too high I suppose...Great cast though!

I also watched I Love You, Man...MAN, IT WAS HILARIOUS! I laughed so loud that my dad woke up (never usually wakes up), came to the kitchen looking pissed at me..he just gave me the death stare haha...I love Jason Segel, Paul Rudd, Adam Samberg, and many more...The witty lines, awkward scenarios, and "boys being boys", can be nothing but a HIT!! I would definitely rate it 5/5 R's haha...I know you might be thinking I give out high grades all the time but the movies I rate are movies I have been wanting to see and I am not an UPTIGHT, snobby, "think I know it all" film critic like many of them out there!! I love movies, whether they are stupid, romantic, deep, sad, and so on..I LOVE MOVIES!! Speaking of movies, The Confessions of a Shopaholic.. an ok movie..I would rate it 3/5 R's because it didn't have the little extra... The clothes were FABULOUS dahrrrling but the story, not so much! I enjoy Hugh Dacy, John Goodman, Joan Cusack and Isla Fisher's acting but it was not enough for me to really LOVE it. I probably have a bunch of fashion loving teenagers wanting to rip this entry to shreds but what can I say, this movie just didn't make the cut...With this I will leave you and hopefully enjoy yet another movie..Until later DAAHHRRRLIINGS


Monday, October 19, 2009


The past days have been spent in front of my computer watching movies I have wanted to see for a really long time but never got around of actually doing. I went on and watched The Proposal, The Ugly Truth, and Confessions of a Shopaholic (actually I am in the middle of the movie haha)...

I can start off with The Proposal. Can I just say OH MY GOD! IT IS FUNNY!!! I would definitely rate it 5/5 R's!! I fell in love with the bitchy boss whose heart melted after spending a weekend with her assistants nutty family in Alaska. Sandra Bullock is her funny and glorious self and Ryan Reynolds is of course as gorgeous and WITTY as can be. The chemistry and the comedic timing in the movie is what makes it a wonderful flick to catch. Ryan levels out the uber-girly movie it could have been with his witty comments (specially loved the line "congratulations, I am 100 years old" haha) and how can one forget the scene with both naked actors run in to each other...CLASSIC!! Betty White makes us forget her silly self in the Golden Girls yet is still remarkably odd and oh so lovable. I have nothing negative to say but rave about the obvious brilliance. I know many of you will probably think that there is nothing special about this movie, it is a typical Hollywood flick with no depth but guess what...I say, we watch movies to get AWAY from reality!!! We want to see hopeless characters make fools of themselves throughout the movie, we want the main character to fall in love and get hurt, only to get what they want in the end!! We want to escape all the black and evil in our take a break from our own problems and laugh at someone elses!!! So I say, enough with the badgering of predictable Hollywood movies, let your guard down and allow yourself to laugh...even if you may seem a little crazy haha..I know I do hehe..If you have not seen The Proposal yet I suggest you drop whatever you are doing at the moment and rent it, buy it, download it, or whatever you do and just WATCH IT! I know that I am buying the DVD because it is a perfect "stay at home on a rainy day and get comfy" movie!!

On to The Ugly Truth. Need I say that the OH SO HOT Gerald Butler and beautiful Katherine Heigl just knock it out of the ballpark. It was not as laugh out loud like The Proposal but it did make me laugh as well as absorbe what the characters are trying to convey. I think many can relate to both Gerald and Katherine's characters when it comes to love...Mike (Gerald) is a "typical" player with a hidden soft heart, beating hard to get through the rough exterior. Abby (Katherine) is a woman who believes in love but with no luck, until macho Mike turns her in to a female version of himself. Only when she becomes sensual, submissive, and a subtle freak, can she "land" the man of her dreams...but is that the right guy for her? I love how Mike makes her realize that she has the perfect guy she has been looking for but how did she get him? Was he dating the real Abby? Nope...It is a sweet movie and I highly recommend it!!! For all the people that think it sounds mushy I say, watch it if only to see Kathering have a When Sally Met Harry moment at the word HILARIOUS!!!! It is going to the books I can tell you!! This movie will get 4/5 R's..

Now I will return to the wonderful Isla Fisher (loved her in Enchanted) and The Confessions of a Shopaholic!! Tomorrow I am watching The Hangover..soo excited!! Until later movie lovers..


Sunday, October 18, 2009


I stare out the window and I see sad eyes. I look closely and realize they are mine. I look past the glass and see a father with his child in the buildning across the street, a little girl chasing a red balloon, a teenage boy sitting in front of his computer. I wonder what story they have to tell. Everything looks so serene but only because I am protected behind my window. The world is shut out and all I can do is wonder. I see the teenage boy sitting in front of the computer every day, I tell my mother about him. She says "his little sister was your sister's friend, and he is known in Sweden for raising awareness against street violence after one of his friends passed away from getting abused leaving a house party". I look at this teenage boy and it makes me understand that it does not take much to make a change. There is so much evil out in the world, in different shapes, colors and sizes. I wanted to raise awareness about one of the most vicious things out there; cancer. I want you to notice the gadget on the left side, click. In one way or another you make your own contribution by just adding this feature to your blog, twitter, FB page, or anything in the likes. I hope this step can lead too great changes! One step at a time!! Until later people...


Saturday, October 17, 2009


Watching Superbad and it brings back memories haha...they are completely effed up! I love Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Seth Rogen, and the rest...They are just a power team! As much as the movie is nasty, embarrassing, hilarious, and so much more, it is a movie I think most guys can relate to. If there are cops like the ones in the movie, I would not like to meet them...or would I? If I have to give it a rating it would be 4/5 R's! Anyways, I should go back and continue the movie...until later movie lovers...


Thursday, October 15, 2009

He is alive people!

Was reading an article where is says that Zach Braff, JD from Scrubs, has passed away by overdosing on pills. However, that is a lie and here is a video of Zach letting us know he is alive..He talks about how only a few people liked the fact it was a lie he was dead on FB, so I say whoever has FB should go to his page and show your is the video

Love Donald Faison's voice...they are both very funny in this video hahaha..until later people


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It's all about the Cougar

S. told me about Courteney Cox's new series, Cougar Town, so I decided to check it out. Courteney gives the performance we all have missed since Monica in Friends. S. said that when she saw the show she could totally see me like that in the future (minus the divorce, single mama, and the extreme desperation haha).
I love Jules Cobb (Courteney Cox), her neighbor Ellie (Christa Miller, also known as Cox's wife in Scrubs), Ellies husband; Andy (Ian Gomez, known from The Drew Carey Show), Laurie (Busy Philipps known from Love Inc), and the very hilarious son who actually surprised me, Travis (Dan Byrd, known from Aliens in America), Jules other neighbor Grayson (Josh Hopkins, known from Ally McBeal), and last the ex-husband Bobby (Brian Van Holt, known from Black Hawk Down). These shows and movies are just examples since I am not reviewing their careers haha. All these are familiar faces and their comedic timing is flawless (according to me that is haha). The show depicts a woman's point of view when in a relationship with a younger man, and all the crazy haha. You should watch the show and I think you'll enjoy it. I know I can't wait for another episode to air. Last night I sat alone in the kitchen watching the show at 2 am, trying so hard to suppress my laughter, which did not always work! The cast has great dynamic and it is very entertaining, it will not disappoint you!

Right now I hear Nala chewing on something so I better check it out before any damage is done....Until later darlings


Several times in my life

I believe that at least once in our lives, have we all have felt just what Celine Dion expresses in this song. She is one of my favorite artists and her voice just blows me away!!! Listen and allow yourself to be taken back to the time/s you have felt like this (I know that I have felt like this MANY MANY times haha), or maybe you even feel like this now?! If you do not feel like this at the moment, just appreciate the people around you and show them you are there for them and that you need them as much as they need you!! Enjoy and until later lovelies



Sunday, October 11, 2009


Today has been cold and raining which means great weather to stay in and watch one show after another. I discovered Glee (has not aired in Sweden yet) and was taken aback by the cast's talent. They are really good, both singing and dancing. I love a movie or a show that incorporates music but not in a cheesy way (you know instead of talking they sing, even though some of them can be good like RENT). This show is about a Spanish teacher at a high school that wants to bring back the fame of the Glee club. He has a handful of very talented students, the drama queen, who wants to be the star of the show (she has an AMAZING voice), the hot quarterback who discovers his passion for performance, the broadway guy (with all of the glitz and glam), the guy in a wheelchair but with an awesome voice and guitarr talent, the asian girl who stutters, and the Diva, with a great pair of lungs (boy, can that girl SING). All of these (except the jock) are the outcast. Together they start the recruitment of more students, where they get the head cheerleader and her two friends to join and a couple of jocks. The show is about how they try to keep the club going and making it to regionals (so far). Of course you have to have the antagonist, who is the coach of the Cheerios (cheerleading squad) and she is a real nut,there is the neurotic counselor, who reminds me of one of my teachers at CSUN, a woman who is SCARED of germs, does not touch anything or anyone without whiping it first. The songs are a mixture of rap, old school, RnB, musicals and so on. They use present hits, put their own touch to it, and voila, a great show. If you are a person who loves to listen to music and enjoy comedy, I would suggest you check out GLEE. The first episodes made me wonder if it was gonna be worth watching but by the latest episode I caught myself checking out when to expect the next episode. I am probably hooked! They have had a couple of guest stars such as Josh Groban (he does not sing though) and Kristin Chenoweth (Olive in Pushing Daisies), and can this woman carry a tune!
All I have left to say is check it out and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I have...

Until later life performers...


Thursday, October 8, 2009


After my first meeting with the Stockholm UNICEF volunteer group, I must say it was disappointing! The two women in charge of the group where not organized at all. They seemed a bit flimsy and the meeting did not come off as serious but as a way for people to meet, eat, and spend time instead of sitting at home. The ideas of ways to raise money for the organization were old and, according to me, outdated. The girls, I will call them the 2 J's, did not have the information organized and while they were speaking they lost my attention several times, especially when one of them kept losing herself in her speech. I feel that they do not act as people that are in charge one bit! Then there was also the factor of 2-3 people that annoyed me to bits. One looked like she was 12 years old but you could tell she was an active member since a long way back, problem was that she just would not SHUT UP! another was her friend and she would whisper throughout the entire meeting with the other girl. When we were discussing a concert that is going to be organized in November there is a Swedish band that might appear, when the 2 J's reluctantly said they might show up the whisper girl almost wet her pants! She was beside herself! This makes me wonder what she will do if the band does show up and she is going to volunteer that night!! CHAOS!! Then there was the third person, old woman who thinks she knows it ALL!! Funny thing was that all three sat next to me, lucky me!!! The woman would interrupt the 2 J's while they were presenting and putting her 2 cents in EVERYTHING said!!! Of course as clueless as the 2 J's were they would listen to EVERYTHING the old woman was saying and said themselves; that is such a wonderful idea!!!! Blew my socks right off! The ideas are old and in no sense original. Maybe I went in to that meeting expecting too much but to say the least I was very disappointed!!! They have an event coming up this Saturday and haven't handed out any flyers or information..WTF!! Stuff like that should be out at least a week a head. Oh well, I will help out whenever I can, with whatever I can. Now I am going to watch a new episode of Bones before taking Nala out. Until later sweet people



I am so excited!!!! I am going to my first UNICEF volunteer meeting today. I am dragging my sister D. with me because I want her to see what is going on out there and that she can help in other ways than to just send in money. I respect people that are members and donate a certain amount of money, it is needed, but since I don't have a dime to spare (because I do not have a dime at all haha) I think it is better to actually get in the whole process and know where all the money is actually going. There are several events coming up and the first ones are attending a gala for the children in need (tickets are given to first come first serve, and since I have just started I did not even opt to get them because I feel that people that are more active should have the right to get them) and then we are going to IKEA and just stand there in case someone wants to learn about the projects UNICEF does and how we help the kids all around the world. I am so proud to be a part of this team and hopefully I will be able to be active and raise awareness and money to help the children all over the world. I think you should go to their website and maybe see how you can help, there are most likely teams in your area as well. Look them up and join if you have the time and means, it won't hurt but rather add to your experiences. If you do not have UNICEF anywhere near your area check out other organizations that need volunteers because they are needed and if we don't take care of our society and world then who will? At least if we help we will know where all the money, help and so on goes. Instead of sitting at home and watching the people in need on the TV, and think aawww how sad, we can put that energy into actually make a change. It may be a small change but nevertheless it is a change. I can almost guarantee that you will feel better after your first event with your organization. Thinking of the people in need is great but doing is priceless...I will leave you with that and hope to see more people involved!! I am even thinking about starting something for the kids here, kids on the streets that cannot afford after-school activities, but I am still in the plan process. When I have figured out on how to go about things I will let you know about my whole idea. I hope it will work out, but for now I am lending a helping hand to those that need it! Until later lovelies


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I hope I hope

On Monday I got an interesting phonecall. This man, from southern Sweden (love their accents haha), calls and wants to meet me for a potential client. No I am not talking about pimping me out haha, he works for a company that recruits unemployed for various companies. There is one company he thought I would be great for. He calls me and wants a bunch of paperwork from the States by the next day. What does he think I am, superwoman? So, I start emailing the people I need my papers from and of course I do not get a reply! We set the meeting at 4 pm Tuesday. I wake up early get ready, take Nala out and head out to the library to print some papers (our printer is out of order). I am supposed to get on the bus to take the subway at 3 pm. I get a new library card and print my papers (after failing several times!!). I head out to the busstop and wait, like 30 seconds. Usually I would take the subway straight to my destination but they are building new tracks for a train or something, not really interested, so we have to take detours. I get on the bus at 2.15 pm and arrive at my destination for the subway at 2.45 pm. I have never been to the place where the meeting is so I am happy I have a lot of time at hand. I get to the subway, check which train to take and go down. I wait 2 minutes and my train arrives. My stop is the station after the one I got on (oh no). I get off and walk aimlessly, I have no idea which side to go up so, I guess. I walk and just guess which streets to take. Finally I come to a place where the road takes me to 3 different places. I walk up and ask a woman if she knows the street and she laughs and starts speaking, she is also from the south and has only been in Stockholm a couple of times. I walk away slightly blushing but continue asking some people at a busstop. I ask a man, who at a closer range looks like an alcoholic who in turn asks a woman, where a third woman answers. She points me in the direction I was headed and off I went. I walked for a minute or so before I arrive. I walk in, shaking from the cold weather outside, walk up to the frontdesk.

Me: "Hi, I am here to see H.C"
Lady: "Oh yes, fill this out please and when did you say your meeting was?"
Me: "At 4 pm"
Lady: "Oh, ok....oh wow, you are an hour too early! Well, can I take your picture for work purposes?"
Me: "Uhm, yea sure go ahead"

I wait for an hour, watching people walk in and walk out. I look out the window and see two birds. One of them starts hacking in to a McDonalds bag, pulling out papers and straw until it reached the food. They both started gulping down burgers and fries. The whole scene made me smile and think about how even animals have gotten addicted to fast food!
Finally it was 4 pm. Ten minutes later H.C comes out and starts talking to a woman, thinking she is me. Best part; she does not correct him! WTF!!! The lady by the frontdesk tells him I am his client. It turns out that the other woman knows his brother and they start talking. HELLO I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR AN ENTIRE HOUR SO PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ME WAIT ANY LONGER!!!!! Finally he comes up to me, after I stood up and sat back down again. The interview could begin. When we were done he thought I was a really good candidate for the job and as soon as the company gets an ok to hire someone new from the board they will call me for another interview. I am hoping for the best but all I can say is that I walked out with my head held high and felt really good about my performance. I came home late and tired but very pleased!! Lets hope for the best..
(funny dude)

Now, I am headed to the library to find a better way to make the day pass. Love me some good literature haha. Until later darlings


Monday, October 5, 2009


Such a beautiful song...just listen and enjoy...until later


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Make up your mind!

Hello all you wonderful people out there in the world. I have been sick for...I have lost the count of days..and it feels like it will never go away. Every day it is something new, today my ears wanted to join the protest my body has been on; not functioning. I honestly don't feel like 25 but 55. I think whatever I am having (the illness that is) is playing a trick on me. You might wonder why I am even sitting by the computer because it seems as though this illness is making me delusional but humor me for a minute. One day I feel so bad that thinking hurts, all I want to do is stay in bed..BUT, the next day, I feel like I am instantly getting better (like yesterday)! I get up and go with my dad and sister and buy TOO much candy. This is the interesting part, I go to sleep feeling like I am finally getting better only to wake up to feeling worse than the day I thought I was feeling bad. This illness is giving me false hope every day that passes. It acts as a guy giving mixed signals to a illness is giving me MIXED signals. Even my illness acts like a crappy dude!!

This is to universe; I understand that love may not be for me, or wealth, or any sort of success in the professional sphere, can't even land a job! I can accept that, but can I at least have my health? Is that too much to ask for? Am I too needy? Ugh, I don't know!! What I do know is that I should hit the sack before I fall down and won't be able to post this. Until later..maybe...(I know I know, drama queen!! But this only happens when I am really sick or when my illness gets me all confused so bear with me here on this one :P)


Thursday, October 1, 2009

Laugh Out Loud

Lying in bed, listening to my stomach bubble and feeling the sharp pain on the right side, I choose not to pity myself but cheer up a little. A couple of days ago, I watched an episode of Oprah (yea yea whatever, I was bored all right), this episode was about 3 of my favorite comedians, Dane Cook (love that son of a...), Mo'Nique (one hilarious but crazy woman!!), and last but NOT least, George Lopez (I just don't know what to say). Oprah mentioned George Lopez new tour so I thought why not check it out on youtube. The Oprah episode was hilarious I might add, between Mo'Nique trying to sell her perfume by free PR from Oprah, to Cook talking about ISolated INcident, to Lopez talking about how his grandmother did not let them have the lights on when going to sleep, I was almost falling off my chair. The only thing stopping me from falling off was the knowledge of how cold the darn thing is now as we approach winter...Anyways, I type George Lopez-Tall, Dark, and Chicano! and there they are, all 9 parts..You know how they say that laughter gives you a longer life..well, after watching that show, if it is true, I should live a really LOOOONG life!! I cracked up so much that my dog and mother came in to the room and stared at me as if I had lost my mind. My mom even asked me if I still had the fever and if she should take me to the ER..Nala looked at me and went straight to bed, as if to say, "oh here we go again, nutcase is going at it again. Why oh why am I stuck with her? Talk about punishment!" I could swear I saw her shake her head at me, or maybe I was just delusional from the flu hahaha...anyways, Eva Longoria introduced him and as they started playing the intro and George Lopez walked toward the stage, I got goosebumps and I knew this was gonna be a killer show!! I was right!! Thank you to all the comedians out there that take their time to make other people laugh their butts off in rough times as these. For an hour and a half, I forgot all the trouble I have, all my pain, and just went with it...I cannot wait for more spectacular shows like this from great comedians to watch! If you want to take a break from all the crap in your life take my advice and go to and check out different comedians, famous and not so famous, and just go with it, IT'S FOR FREEEEE haha. Laugh out loud, no matter how foolish you may sound or look. Let your guard down and enjoy...Until later lovers of life
(The new tour is called, Tall, Dark, and Chicano...check it out)


Sweet dreams

Love the intro...Oh Michael Jackson is a legend!! Great song by the gorgeous Beyonce!! Enjoy lovelies...I am gonna go back to bed to get over the flu!! Ugh!!!!

Until later