Wednesday, September 2, 2009

so tired

My eyes are effing each other from all the online work I have been doing. By online work I mean of course looking for jobs and applying..I am so sick of my screen but I have to keep going until I have a bloody job. I miss writing and doing some fun online stuff (no you naughty people..I mean reading friend's blogs, reading stupid things, watching shows online, and enjoy time on youtube)...My mom thinks I am just sitting by the computer relaxing so every day it's "Are you not sick of the computer? Can you do something other than sit by your computer? Do you have to type on the keyes? what are you going to do with your life when all you do is sit by the computer? is your head not hurting from sitting in front of that screen? are you going to do something with your life? are you going to do something with you life? are you going to do something with your life?" I think you get it haha...this is what I say "aha...mmm...yea...hmm...uhu... ....yeahhh...aahhhh" That, ladies and gentlemen, is what has been going on in my life....and oh before I forget, I also get the daily dose of "are you not getting Facebook? When are you getting Facebook? I think you should get Facebook" My answer is NO I WILL NOT GET EFFING FACEBOOK..ESPECIALLY BECAUSE YOU ASK ALL THE FREAKING TIME SO STOP! No more Facebook, who is with me?!! Just kidding...if you wanna have Facebook then go right ahead and if you don't then it's your just leave me wanna get a hold of me then shoot me a text or all have my darn email so instead of logging in to Facebook you can log in your email and send me an email...same thing...anyways I think I am getting overly frustrated because of this computer so before I go on another tantrum....
...I am signing out!! adios...until later

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