Thursday, September 10, 2009

say what?

I was sitting reading the online newspaper and came across an article about this famous swedish, 18 year old, blogger. She is the biggest blogger in Sweden and runs her own company. She has shot in to fame after her blogging and now I read that she is going to NY to interview celebs on the red carpet for the VMA's. She is the substitute for another girl, 18 years old, who got sick and had to cancel the trip. There is such hype between these two girls, one swedish and wealthy, the other moroccan making her own living. The morrocan girl is a known Tokio Hotel fan, she writes in her blog about how she travels with her friend across the globe in order for her to get to their concerts. She recently held an interview with Tokio Hotel, right before she got sick. Reading their blogs and the articles in the newspaper I wonder what these girls have that not too many do. They are both very young but business minded. I wonder how they have become somewhat of celebs in Sweden, soon to be international I suppose. Not only to they make money on different jobs but their blogs are worth 6 figure. I read their blogs and other non famous blogs and must say that the non famous ones are much better. What do they have to do to get to that level? I mean I know you can make money on your blog (I don't if you wanted to know haha) but the amount they make is just ridiculous! Anyways, I have forgotten why I started writing about them so I am just going to change the subject. I have been thinking about writing a book. I come up with these things when I am about to go to sleep, somehow my brain works faster and better when I am about to fall asleep but for no use because I fall asleep and forget why my idea sounded so good the previous night. Back to the book thing, I have the title and I think I am actually going to write it. I have to gather enough material and put it on paper so that I can print it out on the computer. All I can say is that it has to do with my mother. When I have more on this I will get back to you..Until later fellow writers and readers


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