Monday, September 21, 2009

Royal Pains

I really miss Los Angeles!! It's the second episode of Swedish Hollywood Wifes and one of the wifes was on a date with a millionaire (set up by an agency that matches girls with millionaires) and they were in the helicopter flying over LA and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love their conversation over dinner, they were talking about how people in LA are not who you think they are and it is hard to meet good, honest friends which is so true. Speaking of shows there is a show that I have fallen for really hard, Royal Pains. It is a show about a doctor who lost his job at the hospital he worked at in New York. What is the remedy according to his brother? Well, drive to the Hamptons and try to live the luxerious life they want. Of course they crash some rich guy's party and ACTION DOCTOR!! He immediately, but reluctantly, becomes the "doctor for hire" of the rich. After falling for a beautiful woman , the administrator of the local hospital. It is an interesting and funny show to watch. The chemistry between the brothers is amazing so I give my full hearted consent!!! If you haven't seen it then I suggest you give it a shot...Until later


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