Monday, September 7, 2009


I am obsessed with somethings odd...First thing is Sudoku. I can sit for hours and solve one puzzle after the other. Usually I sit next to my dad and we both sit and solve Sudoku in silence. It feels soo good when I have solved a really hard one, I feel like I accomplished something great even though it is something small haha. The other thing I am obsessed with is Deal or No Deal. Now you might think, "well what is soo odd about that?" here is the twist, it is in Turkish hahaha...I do not understand a word but I still sit there with my mom on the sofa every day watching the people, that are really familiar by now, cry, laugh, sing, dance and make jokes. Of course my mom has to translate what is happening but the funny thing is that in the States I thought this game was ridiculous and did not understand the rules. Now they are crystal clear (in a foreign language oddly enough). There is one of the "box openers" (don't really know what they are called haha) that looks like Ty Pennington from Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Interesting enough that the things I am obsessed with involves my parents! Deal No Deal is on right now so I am gonna see if it is going to be like yesterday, where the poor fellow left with only 50 TL (which is not a lot at all), or if we will have a winner tonight. After Deal No Deal I am going to watch Pirates Of the Caribbean feat some of my favorite actors..yeay Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and of course Keira Knightly and sooo many more!! Until later darlings...

(He kind of looks like this, although we have not seen him without a shirt haha)


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