Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mr Perfect

In Sweden 09-09-09 has passed and with it my brother's 28th birthday. I wonder how the years have passed so was not long ago me and my brother were playing cops and thieves...Nala turned 3 years this month as well...On December 7th I will have had her for 3 years..time flies! In two months it is my sister's 14th birthday! I was 11 when she was born and she has been like a tail on my butt since haha...she will hate to read this..sorry D. but it is the truth!!

I was watching Nala tucking herself to sleep, it was soo funny. I hope she will be with me for MANY MANY more years!! She is hilarious....She gets under the covers herself and she refuses to sleep without her tiny stuffed giraffe. She likes to keep it in her mouth and cry and if I take it away from her she will not go to sleep. Just like a little baby. I think that my mom is ready for grandchildren because she definitely treats Nala as if she was a real baby haha...Speaking of wishing for grandchildren my mom keeps trying to set me up ("in a subtle manner"). The ones that come to mind at this hour are; the priest's son that she really likes and there is an eye doctor that works at the same clinic as her eye doctor. She came home after an appointment and said:
MOM:"Oh you should have been there. I saw this wonderful man and all I could think about was how perfect he is for you"
ME: "mhm..ok mom..sure...maybe he is taken?"
MOM: "So! I didn't see a wedding band on his finger"
ME: "mhm ok mom. He might have a girlfriend or boyfriend..did that occur to you?"
MOM: "Oh hush..If he is not married he is still on the market and he is not gay!"
ME: "I refuse to break up a relationship. If someone is taken whether they are married, engaged, or dating they are off limits. It should be respected. I mean it is hard for some people to just be in a relationship and they do not need to be exposed to more temptation than they can handle. Besides I refuse to be the home wrecker"
MOM: "This is so typically you. Why are you blowing this out of proportion. I am just saying he was really good looking. He had big blue eyes, blonde hair, tall like your brother, well build, small nose and he is a doctor. What else could you want?"
ME: "He sounds dreeaammyyy (sarcastic) could think you want him for your self"
ME: "I was just joking..well anyways I was not with you and you are not going back so forget about it."
This is where it gets good. I felt like I was in the movies with the overbearing mothers desperately trying to get their daughters married off to some big shot.
MOM: "I think we should go down there and sit there until he comes out. We can pretend I have an appointment and then realize I don't. OH Or we can make up a reason, like something is wrong with your eyes so get you to see him." and so she continues and I stop listening..
ME: silence.....
I knew my mother was great at matchmaking and manipulating but my lord I have never heard her say anything like this. She kept saying:" All I kept thinking was, if only my daughter was here...he is perfect for her"
Ugh, my mother does not think of being in a relationship because of feelings. She thinks of it as being in a relationship in order to be comfortable. This are her criteria: he should have the looks (which means colored eyes, blonde hair, small nose, nice smile, good teeth), height, good family, great status (work wise), not too many sisters (she has 7 sisters in law), kind, generous, sense of style, be humble, not too loud and "in the face", and the list goes ooonnnnn...If you have all these qualities and your friends think you have these qualities let me know haha...I do not think this man exists but she can keep wishing and hoping....oh haha
I have to go put Nala back in bed because she is walking around with her toy, crying, waking the whole house. Until later ambitious ones


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