Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hard worker

I was watching I want to Work for Diddy a while ago and was marveled. Before I saw the first episode I was thinking that whoever got the chance to work for P. Diddy is one lucky son of a B. but after the first episode I feel sorry for them. It is CRAZY to work for him. We know that some celebrities feel that they are better than others but DAMN!!!I know that P. Diddy takes care of his employees and working for him will open doors us mere mortals only dream of! One of his assistants worked for 5 years and had 10 days off, all in all...CRAZYYYY.....Best of luck to all the people trying to work for ambitious people like P. Diddy, you guys will make it..well as long as you do your job good that is. There is one contestant on the first season that is already bugging me like never before, Kim "Poperah". I like it when you do your job good and you lead your team to success but acting like an effing Diva the first thing you do...UGH!!!! Good luck to her team...Until later


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