Monday, September 14, 2009

Glam life?

Welcome back!!! I know the internet company said that there will be construction which means that our connection will be disturbed but we had no connection for several days...As I felt crippled I also felt liberated. We forget how liberating it can feel without technology, granted at first it is a scary feeling, like something is missing but after a couple of days it does not matter as much. I noticed that I started hanging out with my family more and solving crosswords and so on (I come off as a dork haha but I love it). I have come to the conclusion that if all technology was stripped from me for a month it would not be too bad at all. I would get withdrawal symptoms but they would disappear after a day or so. This could actually be a good show! To strand young people somewhere with no technology or electricity for a month and see what they can accomplish. I think if done well it will be hit show...anyone wanna do it, but since it is my idea I demand to be a part of it and get paid for it hahaha...Speaking of shows I was watching the first episode of Swedish Hollywoodwives and OH MY GOD!!!!! I was appalled by one of them and laughed at another. The only "normal" one was the single mom. Paul Anka's wife really made me sick. She was reading her horoscope where it said that someone is jealous of her position. She looks into the camera and says; of course people are jealous of me and my life, why wouldn't they be. I mean I know she is (points to the nanny to the back of the jet). I know she wants what I have and she is thinking 'wow what a life she is living'. She makes 16000 dollars a year, I mean I put 16000 on makeup in one month hahahaha....UGH this is not the worst thing she said but it was crazy and when she told her husband, Paul Anka, that the nanny is jealous of her he said; oh knock it off, and "slapped" her with the newspaper. Whenever she would talk it would be about her diamonds, her wealth, the fact that she cannot choose to stay at home but is "forced" to go with her husband on tours or conserts a duty as celebrity wife. To ridicule the nanny in her presence was just disgusting. She made fun of people that are fans of her husband, she would say things like; "you can't tell they are rich because look at them and they are so ridiculous, I am ebarrassed hahahaha" UGH!!! Can you tell that she got on my nerves? haha but it will not stop me from watching next episode, sad...just sad..Well it is getting late and I need to wake up early for an early lunch (11.30 am) with Y. Goodnight and Until later darlings... (the picure of the third wife is nowhere to be found)

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