Saturday, September 19, 2009

Change my hair

Sitting on my couch watching TV while a certain someone is next to me snoring and Nala is on my other side sleeping and dreaming. Her kicking and crying noises are just adorable!!! I was reading articles about how the pet has become a substitute for a family or part of the family. In the olden days the dog was not treated the same way as we treat our pets today. I know Nala was the substitute for friends and family when I was alone in LA. She is my best friend and my little baby...Today someone was chasing Nala around trying to fart but as soon as the butt would get close Nala would literally run away or hide haha. It was hilarious to see and that only hightened the chase for the person running after Nala haha...
(Cool cat in her pink hoody hahah..Love this baby!! check out the loong is becoming a I have to spend hours filing because the nerve grew with the nail which means no cutting wout bleeding...pain)
(Here is a picture of a monkey who has adopted this tiger and its siblings. The monkey lost its baby and the tigers lost their moma so now they are a happy family...sooo adorable!!)

Changing the subject, today I took Nala with me to M. and the hair salon, Baresso. I went there to dye my hair, my roots were showing. I used to have chocolate brown and was really happy with the color because it felt fresh and summery, also it gave me a nice glooow hahaha...anyways, I went there only to find M. busy giving her boss a nice hair massage. It looked really nice if it wasn't for the look on M's face, bored and tired. Her boss is an ASS!!! Every time I go there to visit M. I feel like I am invading his personal space. Funny thing is that M. wanted me to work there but I knew if I would spend one day with him at the salon I would flip out!!!! So he is sitting there acting like the king of the world, and I had Nala with me, when I spoke english with her he was like; why is she speaking english with the dog? M. explains that I have spent the last 4 years of my life in LA. He "calls" me over and he is like: uhm, what did you study? did you get your masters? I look at him and answer no I got my bachelor. He looks at me as if I was speaking Urdu and says; "uhm, why did it take you that long?" SAY WHAT BITCH!!! He continues, "I could get my masters in 2 years"...So I smiled and asked where he studied and how long, he says "college in Florida for 2 years". There is no EFFING college you can get your bachelor degree and masters from in 2 years as an international student. He thinks he is soo smart when he says "well, I used to take 12-15 units". This is where I simply said, "well I took 12-18 units per semester, plus I took some summer and winter classes. If it wasn't for my counselors giving me and S. the wrong classes to take the first semester I would have finished one semester earlier but still no effing way do you get your masters wout having a bachelors degree in 2 years"...dream on bad that good look of his goes to waste!!! after she washed his hair, dried and flat iron it she could start on mine. She put the dye on and left for a smoke break, which lasted for 30 mins, this means that my hair is no longer chocolate brown but dark red/brown!!! My mom just looked at it and shook her head, but then again she always does that and a couple of days later she likes the look...I know it is dark but a couple of washes and it will be lighter...We will see what my mom will say when I go to the hairdresser on Monday to cut my bangs and trim my hair, it has been a loooong hair is crying for some spaaaa....anyways my tap tap tap on the laptop is making noise and waking the sleeping people of the house so until next time...


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