Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What I say goes...

The most wonderful sound I know is the tip tip tip of Nala's paws running across my apartment floor. It is funny how a man's best friend can become so loyal to its human companion. Nala has many nicknames and although I do not like it when people insist on calling her other names than Nala, such as Lulu, Lucy, Nachos (I have no idea where it came from other than my sister started the trend and the rest caught on), nalucy, and so on...It's cute to have nicknames but to call her by these names ALL THE TIME is confusing for the dog...I named her Nala and so shall her name stay!! I have said my peace!
Moving on to a completely other subject; it's only a couple of days left until S. is going to return to LA..There are mixed feeling, I am happy that she is going back and say hi to all my friends there and be my eyes, ears, and mouth, but at the same time very sad. I have many friends here but she is the only one here that shares my life in LA. I am still hopeful of finding something to allow me to return to LA so I can see all my friends soon and continue the life I build up there. I miss LA so much, even though I was going through a lot. I guess it has taught me and forced me to face the harsh reality. It is too bad that making a life over there is so hard as an honest international student. I wish they would warn us before we leave that there will be days where you will not know if you will have food on the table, a roof over your head, be exposed to morons in all forms and shapes. However, if they would then I suppose people would not travel there haha. Inspite of life being hard it is wonderful. If you are contemplating on whether you want to travel to USA, and more specifically Los Angeles it is safe to say that you should be careful and not naive, expect the worse and your life will be wonderful. In some cases finding a rich dude to marry, you are set hahaha. There is a show that will start September 14th here and it is about Swedish Hollywood wives. It will be interesting to watch. One of the wifes is the wife of Paul Anka...humm..interesting. They seem like total bitches but I have only seen the trailer so I might get surprised haha...time will tell...Other than upcoming shows on TV, I am dreading the fall and winter in Sweden. I am looking for jobs here as well but it is not easy at all. I will not give up until I have found what I am supposed to do in life, hopefully more than sit on my butt and watch TV....Now I will return to my movie and cuddling with my sweetheart...Until later darlings

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