Sunday, August 16, 2009

S. has left the country

S. is on her way to LA at this very moment. She called me from London and said that the flight from Stockholm to London was very bumpy, "The pilot cannot FLY" as she put it hahahaha....Hopefully the flight from London will be easier. It feels so weird to know that she has left and I am staying. That is the first time in 5 years..She is still hoping I will find a job in LA so I can return but to be honest it does not look to bright but whatever makes her happy I guess hahahaha...Flying nowadays is scary as hell, we hear about one planecrash after the other and there is no comfort when it is time for us to fly...It used to be one in a million (or whatever, don't quote me on the numbers haha) but now it seems more than that, a lot more...
It is a sunny day today, which is a nice change to the past rainy days. Today would be a good day to exercise if it wasn't for the fact that I have gotten so lazy. Not only have I gotten lazy, my body is stiffer than before haha...I used to be really flexible but after months of just sitting down my muscles have gotten superstiff so my body is crying for some sort of movement...I have been thinking about kickboxing to get my exercise thrill out of my body. I will look in to that and see if there is anything near my home...Going from lazy to kickboxing will shock my body and hopefully that will lead to loads of energy and cause me to make something out of my time here..or it will wear me out hahah. Either way, time will pass and applying for Law School and hoping I will get accepted will be just around the corner. If I get accepted I will move back to the States and continue my furture plan...Now I will wait until around 11 pm for S. to text so I know she has landed and also so I can call H. while she waits at the airport. I truly hope S. will have a smooth flight and hope she will stay busy in LA. To all my friends in LA; I miss you and I hope I will see you soon. Until later darlings...
(Maybe this will be me in the future, KICKING SOME BOOTY!!!! hahah)


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